Which one of you is it?  The Saturday day drinking crowd at Glibertarians.com has averaged 163.7 comments per weekend for the past 10 Saturdays, which means if this crowd is anything like the rest of America, around 16.4 (I’ll let you decide who is less than 2/5 of a Glib) of you have on some level have an unnatural fear of the number:

“Please, I’m not afraid of a number,” “that’s preposterous,” you say.  Sure you’re not.  You wear the veneer of the pure rationalist as your public face.  Never flinching at the thought bad luck or fate.  You walk happily under ladders and you pet the nice black kitty that crosses your path—if you’re not a cat person maybe you kicked the little bastard in the ribs.  Deep down inside you’re clutching your rabbit’s foot or rubbing the head of the Raphael action figure you’ve had since 1991, the last remnant of the talisman you swore by as a kid.  After all, Raphael was cool—but rude.  You do this in secret.

I know with certainty, one of you uses Not Adhan’s horoscope as an investment strategy.  Your secret is safe with me.  Its cool, I won’t judge you.

This is my review of Lagunitas Lucky 13 Mondo Large Red Ale

Whether or not you are among the 10% of Americans that is superstitious, Friday the 13th does have an effect on your life.  Not just the marathon from the movie, which I contend still has the best ending to any horror movie.  There is a quantifiable effect, that has drawn the attention of serious academic researchers.  People call in sick from work, stop travelling, and generally avoid leaving their house.  But why?

Foolish mortal, murder is merely mischief,

Some attribute it unfortunate events occurring on Friday the 13th.  The number 13 itself being associated with the Norse god, Loki, the god of mischief.  Leave it to the Vikings to consider murder merely “mischief.”. Maybe Judas Iscariot was the 13th person to show up to dinner and we all know he formed a heavy metal band in the 80s.  Most of it is simply attributed to simply being one digit behind the number 12.  With 12 months,12 apostles, 12 Norse gods, a day being divided into 12 hour segments, et al.  12 is a “complete” number.

80% of buildings in America avoid using the number 13; buildings with greater than 12 stories simply call the 13th story above grade the 14th floor. The Apollo program even considered skipping 13, which would have made the movie much less interesting.  Interestingly enough,  a commercial runway is designated 13R and the standard Roulette wheel sports Black 13.

Lucky 13 was released at an unusual time.  Its spring, but for most of the country it still pretty cold out.  Maybe a bit late for a stout but certainly too soon for a summer ale.  They made it a red ale, and a strong one at that.  This one I have to admit, is okay.  I’ll leave it at that.  Lagunitas Lucky 13 Mondo Red Ale 3.0/5.


I would like to draw attention to an update to an article from a couple weeks ago.  The information I presented was, to put it bluntly, incorrect.  I have amended the article to reflect this.  H/T:  DEG.

Why mention this?  Unlike some other websites, I like to think we have integrity.  That is all.