Two weeks ago I was presented with a challenge.

I’m not one to back down so easily so I went ahead and sent the Old Man a bottle of beer that would suit his, shall we say, more refined palate.  This is my review of New Belgium Le Terrior 2016, from their Lips of Faith Series.

The term “Beer Drinker” often brings up a different mental image than when one says, “Wine Drinker.”  I’m not going to speculate as to why those connotations exist, but I will discuss what they are.  I don’t blame the Old Man for wanting to be associated with the beer people, after all we’re a bit more fun.  Its what you drink when you go to a festival, or a ball game.  You toss a few back with your friends and then challenge each other to a drag race or a boxing match.

In short, beer drinkers are often just fun to be around.  Case in point: 

This is not to say that wine drinkers can’t be good people.  I assume some of them are, its just that their parties have a tendency to be a lot more…tame:

“The hormones are really helping my beard come it.” “You know, I am standing right here, Jacob.” “I told you to stay focused, we need him to invest in our lesbian co-op grocery.” “Sorry about that.”



I’m not trying to offend people here–I’m just explaining what we associate with the terms.  The Old Man has the unique ability to mingle with both crowds, but when it comes right down to it, he probably has a preference to the people he associates himself with.

MS:  You’re doing to now? I’m at Lowe’s man…

OMWC: I can wait until you’re home, there’s plenty of lawn left.  I know it’s early there, but Cinco de Mayo, achaver!

MS: Alright. Serve at 55 in a wide bodied glass. I’ll have a few queries later


MS: So…what did you think?

OMWC:  Haven’t opened it yet. I’m going to do some migas later this afternoon and crack it with them, I think.  Unless you have yours open now and we can compare notes…

MS:  I’m doing a little work at the moment.  I’ll have it for lunch.  In an hour or so. I need to take a pic of it.


MS: Its, um….sour and woody.

 OMWC: It’s sour for sure. SP thinks it’s a lot more like a cider than a beer.

MS: What glass did you use?

OMWC:  Widemouth. I may try a wine glass to see if that changes it.

MS: A balloon-shaped glass will probably change it a bit.  Partly why I went for a chalice.  The reason I picked this one, was an article I’ll link next week that said a sour ale should mimic the tartness of many wines.  Plus its barrel aged, like nearly all wines.


MS:  Pepper and Peaches…?

OMWC: This beer is not pepper and peaches. In a wine glass, I get more of the woodiness.



OMWC:  This beer is actively hostile.

MS:  Yes.  I hate it.  I’m sure of it

OMWC:  OK, it’s not just me.

This is Sour Ale.  This one in particular was aged in oak barrels–like many wines.  I sent this to the Old Man because sour ales are of course, sour, but many have a subtle fruitiness that counteracts the tartness.  Something that you often fine in sweeter varieties of wine.  IF you happen to like sour ales, this one is well done.  It was made in 2016 though, so finding it will not only be difficult, it will cost you.  I’m sure of it; I hate it.  New Belgium Le Terrior 2016: 1.5/5

“Confess, don’t be boring! Confess, don’t be dull!”

Ultimately, the Old Man is set in his ways, and as a another  wise man once said, you just can’t Torquemada anything.


Finally, I want to plug the Glibertarians Spring Beer it Forward once more!  The beer I promised one lucky Glib is still up for grabs, so if you think you might want a well-made bock made in the mountains of Northern Arizona sent to your house, you only need to apply.  To apply, send an email to its proprietor, Nephilium, at his handle name at google mail and tell him you want to sign up.