Let me be self indulgent and say a few words about my mom. She had a rather tough life, growing up poor, having buried three husbands, and raising a family with my dad, a free-thinking, creative, and hyperintelligent fellow who could barely scrape up a living as an artist. In a house of chaos and creative destruction, she was the island of relative sanity and common sense and still managed to turn two kids into reasonably successful adults. Today my mom will spend her day chowing on Publix roast chicken, since we’re too far away to take her to the (((deli))), and in reality, that’s what she’d rather do anyway. She’s not a person who cares about frippery and ceremony, she’s never had even a hint of pretense, and a simple and comfortable life these days is her reward for all she had to put up with. Though she has never understood me, she’s always stood by me. My mom is the greatest.

What’s not the greatest? The news of the day.


We start in Paris, where what was supposed to be a routine Muslim-gone-nuts killing is actually evidence of more Russian collusion. Robert Mueller is investigating. I think he is, anyway.


I don’t know about you, but if volcanic eruptions destroyed my home, I’d take that as a hint to move elsewhere. But some people never learn.


The Adjacent Arabs may have started to think, “This isn’t going so well.” I don’t expect that glimmer of wisdom to actually take hold. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s not a bet I’d take.


The UK shows itself again to be a bastion of freedom. Well, no, not really. But, as usual, it’s for the children.

The cards will cost around £10 and could can also be used to purchase other age restricted products such as alcohol and knives. However, shopkeepers could still ask to see documents, such as a passport or driving licence, before selling the 16-digit online access code. It comes after a recent report showed how a total of 1.4 million children clicked on pornographic websites in a single month – half aged six to 14.

I’m sure you all have already gotten your cards and codes. I’m more interested in the children.


Supply and demand, how does that work?


You’d certainly know, Mikey, you mendacious piece of shit.


The EU is reliable and consistent- if something is successful because it provides something people want, you can always count on them to step in. 

“Data is itself valuable, and people give it in exchange for services,” said Alec Burnside, a lawyer at the Dechert law firm in Brussels who has taken part in antitrust complaints against Google. “I think they are wrong in believing that data must have all the characteristics of cash.”


Old Guy Music, of course, has only one possibility today. And check out the guitar work here.