By Yusef Drives a Kia

Saturday, 12:30

Overloaded with supplies, Chuck and I gas up and head East on I-10, past the Windmills, past Palm Springs and then South at Indio, down Rt.86. Through the Badlands and hang a left at Main St. (Don’t miss it!) in Niland. Pulling into Slab proper, I needed to Micturate, and off in the Shrubbery was a Nice Spring!

I moved off so as not to contaminate it, but how Cool!

3:45 PM We met Coz, who runs the Library, Donated some Shakespeare and Tolkien, Drank a few beers, and off to the Range we go. I did a bit more Photography this time, with emphasis on the Somalian side, at it were. Burned out RVs, People in Camping tents under trees, Zombies, I have no idea where they live, Maybe they don’t either, Libertarian Paradise isn’t exactly Utopia.

It seems to be a big Mess, debris everywhere, Handicapped Parking abounds, and there are often no property lines, so watch where you walk, lest the Crazies come out and get you. After dark, stay in the light. Or provide your own, no Moon = Ink Black. Anyway…

We found some shade over by Bill’s Driveway and talked to a couple of nice enough chaps, Chris and Mingo the Half Breed, it’s about 4:30 and these guys are WASTED, but happy. Turns out Chris is a Known Thief, so as soon as Bill saw him, BENNY HILL TIME, Chris had to leave in a hurry, Property Rights in Action!

Later, we met up with Opie the guitar player, and Various musical folks who drifted in from the Outside World, Sharing Herb, Beer and Good Times, very Mellow, watching the sunset.


Now, if you want to play on open mic night, you are supposed to sign up, Richard and his Harem did, several others did, but We had set up with Bill earlier so, Priority?

Much Music ensued, 6 or 7 acts, some good, some Horribad, but everyone got cheers, so it was all to the good, I know Chuck and I played well, and were well received, but we were too busy playing to record ourselves! A nice crowd, maybe 100 constant,150 overall, and they were there to hear Music, not a bar scene at all, everyone drinks anyway, a very good Vibe.

Damn if the locals didn’t shut down early, Midnight, we are standing in the Dark going, Now What? Driving! The details are hazy but I told Chuck to turn right and he did, Right into a Sand trap, OOPS! IIRC, We waited til more daylight, and all of a sudden, over the Horizon, comes, OPIE! I’m like WTF? But happy, and we all start digging out, 20 minutes later, Brian! Comes rolling in with his 4×4, straps us up, and pops us out! We have AAA, We called them, we were 15 feet off the road, they wouldn’t help us, The Slabbys did, I paid them 20$, they would have done it for free, a Trifle for our situation, and We made more friends.

There seems to be a lot more common cooperation in Free Societies such as the Slabs , Most obey property rights, and personal rights are whatever you decide they are, there are a lot of wild ideas these people have, maybe it’s good they stay out there, IDK.

We have gone with fun and Friendship on our minds, and have not been disappointed. There was some tension, but people tended to work it out amongst themselves, no Violence, overt thievery, however, there was much Gambling, which is a crime in most States, but Hey, no Rules out here. I must give a shout out to My Best Friend Chuck, He helped this all come down, and it’s been fun so far. We are already thinking about whether or not to continue going, we need a reason to drive 155 miles to hang out in oppressive heat, who wouldn’t. Until next time…

The Good

The Bizarre

The Folkies

Here’s a link to the entire album