On three….Liiiiiinks!


Your Links are courtesy of me, this afternoon. That means all will be in order; there will be exactly 5 links over four bullet points, there will be a featured image, and no sidebar on the post. In the comments – witty banter, inside jokes and possibly a reference to monocles, orphans or roadz.



So. In order to avoid a post longer than a new regulation from the Eidgenössische Finanzmarkt Aussicht, I present your links;

  • If you listen carefully, I think you can still hear Erdogan’s laughter. “Oh yes, I will be ever so respectful…” *orders new attack on Kurds*
  • Things are NOT orderly around here. Unacceptable! Someone get on this, soon.
  • Think things are goofy in the US legal system? How about in Merry Olde England?
  • Tesla is a hazard everywhere.

There. Now to the comments. You know your duty!