I’m amazed at the speed involved in hockey now.  Yeah, they’ve watered down some of the physicality, but I’m starting to think that might have actually been for the better.  Watching (most of) the playoff games last night made me realize how much fun it is watching this style of hockey.  Tampa Bay took care of Boston, with the help of a couple horrible missed calls and evened that series 1-1.  And Vegas just cranked it up in the second period and took what I assumed was total control of the game so I turned it off…only to find out San Jose had a hell of a third period and forced overtime, where they were then beaten anyway.  The other two series play tonight, and I can only assume the games will be entertaining as hell.

In baseball, the Astros cooled off the Yankees. The D-backs dumped the hapless Dodgers. The Rex Sox topped Kansas City. The Cubs and Nationals won. And the Twins fell again.

On the hardcourt, Boston dumped Philly in game 1 of their Conference semifinals. Cleveland-Toronto and Nawlins-Golden State start their series tonight.

And lastly, the UCS semifinal second leg games start today, when Bayern Munich travel to The Bernabeu to take on Real Madrid. The first match was 1-1 in Munich, so the Krauts will need to come out firing.  Liverpool-Roma tomorrow after the Reds cruised at home, until the last 10 minutes, and won 5-2. But they will keep in mind that Roma overcame a 3-goal deficit in the quarterfinals.

Yay sports!!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of King Kamehameha. Let’s all celebrate by wearing Hawaiian shirts, to the dismay of assholes on Twitter. Also born on this date were sharpshooter Calamity Jane, director John Woo, who subjected the world to Broken Arrow and Face/Off. May God have mercy on his soul.

Thanks John Woo…you bastard!

I could go into the fact that its Global Commie Day but I won’t.  I will instead note the Cy Young pitched the first game in Cleveland’s stadium. Babe Ruth hit his first Home Run for the Yankees, as did Mickey Mantle.  Take that, communism!

OK, now that the juices are flowing, I think its time to transition to…the links!

You want to know the difference in how the Kings Men are treated relative to real people? I just so happen to have a link at the ready that shows one of the more egregious examples. I mean, is there any possible way to square this with the equal protection clause?

Whether you’re pro-abortion or pro-life, you gotta admit that this is one seriously cold-blooded zinger. And from a Catholic, no less!  I thought Commiepope Francis had declared comedy unseemly.

Israel burns every intel asset it has in Iran and dumps a trove of information outlining their nuclear plans. I cannot help but think this is genuine. No way would they publicize this and essentially out every intel officer involved unless they believed it to be genuine and its release necessary.  I just hope we don’t get sucked into the ensuing shitshow.

San Francisco: Come for the great food, stay for the bums shitting on the sidewalk!

San Francisco finds the end of their tolerance for something.

In the last few weeks, Mayor Mark Farrell has promised $750,000 to hire more people just to pick up discarded needles and $13 million over the next two years for more heavy duty steam cleaners and pit stop toilets. He also had workers dismantle sprawling homeless tent camps in the city’s Mission District.

The city famed for its picture-perfect views of the San Francisco Bay has long tolerated overflowing trash bins and homeless people camped out on sidewalks. Commuters routinely walk past people slumped over in transit stations, sometimes shooting up in public.

But Farrell and others say the squalor has gotten out of control, and that everyone should feel safe using city sidewalks. It is not humane to let the mentally ill or houseless fester outdoors, he said.
At least they’re throwing more money at it. That should do the trick!


 This is what happens when you let public sector unions establish their own separate justice system: You get cops who are above the law and innocent people in jail for decades.  Fuck you, Chicago for allowing this. And fuck you, Rey Guevara for being a piece of human garbage that’s inexplicably not been thrown in jail or been the “victim” of some vigilante justice being carried out. Well, one can hope that one of those statuses changes.

I no ronery anymore!


This whole Korean thing is starting to look like it may be real. Nobel Peace Prizes all around!  But seriously, this is another positive development as peace keeps gaining momentum.


I know its commie day. So I’ll play a song from the best commie band ever. What a shame their politics sucked, but they were still phenomenal.


That’s it for me.  Have a great day, comrades.