Good after… damn. Let me come back in from the top.

We caught Sloopy at work

Good Moooooorning, Glibs. Sloopy is back on the road this morning. Gotta feed all those moufs. In the meantime, I’ll try not to release these links an hour early and incomplete. Its like the Dan Rather days of the internet all over again “PROFESSIONAL blogs would never do that!”

In sports, Houston Rockets got run out of the gym by Golden State, Army On Ice picked up a home win to even the series, Astros lost a close one to the good Los Angeles team, Oakland beat the Bean(town)ers, and the Reds streak came to an end after they stopped play bad Los Angeles. And now… the links!

We’ll start with a story about a very nice man who humbly donated plasma as often as they’d let him for 60 years, helping generations of Australian babies with Rh compatibility. He is retiring at age 81 from doing so because the rules for donation have aged him out. Thank you, sir.

Hungary creates official “enemies list” with 200 names. Thousands more ask to join. (T/W most of those on the list work for George Soros)

So this guy got talked into running for Senate and doesn’t really want to, and now people are shocked, Shocked! That he doesn’t show up for campaign events. Maybe he really meant he doesn’t want to be a senator.

Its the cure for the common cold — only 25 years away! (Still!)


99 years ago, L. Frank Baum joined this list.