A Midweek Reflection

Here at Glib HQ, we tend to spend most of our time being, well, glib.

A bit more than a year ago the Founders expressed a wistful, “Wouldn’t it be great to have our own place?”

I, not having the good sense I was born with, said, “Oh, it’s not hard to put a site together.”

And that’s true.

What is difficult to build is a real community. And thanks to all of you, this has surpassed my wildest expectations. Especially since I had none.

I thought I’d throw a site together, hand it over to the Founders, and go on my way. However, this site has become a place we can all come to express our various levels of exasperation with the state of the world, propose our solutions, snark, laugh, cry when we need to, share our knowledge, get support, offer help, spread our joy, ask for advice, inspire each other, ponder the larger issues, have good faith discussions, and simply feel a bit more linked.

I often say that my new life strategy is to learn not to care about people I know, so I don’t care what happens to them. It isn’t working out so well.

Because, darnit, I am grateful for all the connections I have made among the Founders and the Glibertariat, both online and off. I have been privileged to spend some truly wonderful hours with fellow Glibs.

I’ve also learned quite a bit about quite a lot, and some of it doesn’t even require brain bleach.

So, whether you contribute comments, create content, submit recipes, donate hard-earned cash, or send off-site correspondence, I just want to say thank you.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled morning fare


  • I hope all the Glibs and their loved ones in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic are OK this morning.
  • “Let’s cut another bureaucrat” brings a predictable response from politicians.
  • What the actual fuck. Completely fail at your job and retire early and handsomely.
  • In documents, prosecutors allege that they found a large cache of child pornography on a server. “Good enough to hold him until we find manufacture evidence for what we really want to get him for.” TW: WaPo
  • What is the mission of HHS again?
  • Know what causes my mood disorders? Morning. But researchers say it’s really because of this. TW: Will nag about your ad blocker
  • MikeS could pick up an easy $5k if he “finds” something that “fell off the back of a truck.”

Be the hero of your own story today, friends!