So lets see, Iran was gifted a win when their opponent OG’d 4.5 minutes into a 6 minute stoppage. I hope they don’t murder for that in Morocco. Somehow Portugal ended up with a PK 3 minutes in. I assume I looked down for a minute and missed a classic Christiano Ronaldo dive. Spain of course, gets a PK waved off in a blatant handball in the box. Inadvertant or not, his hand was at shoulder level and deflected a ball bound for the goal. Spain is the far better team. If Ronaldo wasn’t so great, this wouldn’t be a game. And there’s the unfuckingbelievable tie goal. Spain got robbed by the greatest player ever

Jesus, Florida Man, you can’t have roller coasters derailing and hurting people. The Mouse’s people will take you out into a swamp and feed you to the gators.

Wait, wait, a Cabinet Secretary had is people put in a call for his daughter to help her get a White House internship? If anything it proves that its so NOT a big deal that Pruitt didn’t feel like he had to talk to The Man or the Chief of Staff about it.

I have a feeling that this sort of thing sticks with a Marine for the rest of his career, even if he fully recovers medically. Still, its not like accidentally shooting a general officer in the chest at point blank range like happened to Petraeus.

WaPo staffers pen open letter to owner, complaining his management aren’t bargaining in good faith. Expect the silence in response to be its own statement. Alternatively, look for Amazon to go big in newswriting AI.


If the order of the day is European Soccer, then the song must be from a movie that featured a brutal English footballer as the leader of a hooligan club.