Russia pounded Saudi Arabia’s nuts in the World Cup opener.  Mo Salah (Egyptian king)  will be on the bench against Uruguay today. And “The Battle For Iberia” is this afternoon.  I just thought of that, so if you think its retarded, you know who to point a finger at.  And Kellen Winslow II, one of the biggest assholes in all of professional sports over the last few decades, is in a bit more legal trouble than everyone thought when he was first arrested last week.

On the diamonds, your winners were: San Francisco, Philly, Detroit, Cleveland (who managed to split a series with White Sox), the World Champion Houston Astros, Yankees, Braves, Diamondbacks and Red Sox.

And then…there was the bloodbath at Shinnecock Hills.  There probably hadn’t been that much carnage on Long Island since the white man first set foot on the continent.  It was just brutal.  The average score was more than 6 over par. Just four players in red numbers after the first round, and I would imagine that number won’t get any bigger as we get to the weekend.  I partially blame the conditions, which were tricky to say the least.  But when you crosscut the greens, dry them out as much as possible, and put pins in unapproachable locations, are you really bringing out the best in these players?  I would tend to say they should leave everything else alone but at least make the greens comparable to what tour players face on a regular basis.  You simply cannot put pins on the side of a ridge on a rear-sloping green with the entire back fringe bikini-waxed.  It makes for shitty golf, in my opinion.  Look for DJ to carry on and go into the weekend either in the lead or right there in contention.  God knows what else will happen, other than a bunch of guys in the 80s and fans grumbling (some) over the weekend that a lot of big names are spending Fathers Day weekend at home.


Sorry for the rant. Hey look, composer Edvard Greig was born on this date.  Am an whose work I quite enjoy.  So were commie Yuri Andropov, jazz pianist Erroll Garner, asshole Mario Cuomo, musical genius Waylon Jennings, whore/author Xaviera Hollander, “the lizard” Dusty Baker, another commie Xi Jinping, the brother of a great comedian Jim Belushi, fried chicken and beer aficionado Wade Boggs, “actress” Helen Hunt, “actress” Courtney Cox, actor and musician O’Shea Jackson, Starship Trooper Niel Patrick Harris, three-time world champ and San Francisco Giant Tim “The Freak” Lincecum, and also the aforementioned Egyptian King, Mo Salah is celebrating.

Its also a great day in the history of the individual. Its the day the Magna Carta was signed by King John.  I’ve seen an original of the document in Washington at the National Archives.  It was a really cool experience. George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. Charles Goodyear patented the vulcanization of rubber, Henry Flipper (in 1877) became the first black man to graduate from West Point, mustache-genius Wilhelm II became Emperor of Germany, Ford Motor Company built its 10 millionth vehicle, scumbag and cross-dresser J Edgar Hoover assumed leadership of the FBI, “The Dirty Dozen” hit theaters, and Jack Nicklaus, the winner of the most majors of all time and most likely the greatest golfer ever, won the 80th US Open.

I hope you got all that.  Especially the golf stuff.  Now we come to…the links!


I’ve got nothing on the IG report.  Everybody saw it, everybody has an opinion on it. I’d be mailing it in if I used that as a link when I know it’ll be topic of the day anyhow. So consider this my bringing it up, and feel free to go crazy on it in the comments.

Oh no! This is definitely going to break our economy. Whatever will we do? I mean, if this doesn’t end soon, I can only imagine the streets in South Florida and Arizonas will be almost devoid of Cadillacs and Buicks floating across three lanes to get to the 4:30 PM dinner special in the fall.  And teenage boys won’t have a fictitious girlfriend to talk about when they get back from summer vacation.  And … well, that’s pretty much it.

Bipartisan push for shield laws for journalists is back on.  OK, great.  But mentioning an opportunist partisan hack sleeping her way through sources in order to spin bullshit might not be as good a poster child as, say, Edward Snowden and Wikileaks, who do nothing put post the raw data and let people decide for themselves how to take it.  Also, I’ll pose a question: should we grant protected status to the sources who are breaking federal confidentiality laws or should we merely allow the stories to be printed and not punish the journalists?  She’s not being punished. And the defense of the feds here, in my opinion, is that they subpoena’d the records of their target’s lover, not his journalistic outlet. What say you?


If you expected this to have happened somewhere other than Florida, you’re not paying attention. I applaud his desire to enforce his contract. But his methods are suspect.

I see the left is flipping the fuck out that the Trump admin plans on enforcing our naturalization policy and possibly removing violent criminals from the country. Yeah, good luck selling that one.

Only in Chicago.  I mean, the corruption in that city just can’t be topped.  Maybe, just maybe, all the Chicago Glibs need to move out and we need to drop a nuke on that cesspool of government corruption.  Maybe.


And the latest Darwin Award winners are…these dumbasses.

If you’re at work, you may want to not play this song on full volume. For the birthday boy.

Have a great day and a wonderful Fathers Day weekend.  I know I will.