So lets see, Sweden survive, Belgium does their job, and England are trying to give away what should be a win — oh wait, Harry Kane wanted it. Nice header. That’s what I’ve got today. Its feeling like summer in Florida, so I can’t tell if I was sweating or I was just a convenient spot for condensation. That’s all I got.

Florida people doing Florida things. Man goes to separated wife’s place to dispute an air conditioner, gets shot in the nuts, his brother chokes the wife out. Lovely.

DC wins the psychopathy award. Places with high density of stock brokers come in 2-5.

This is complete and utter shit. James Hansen declares all his 1988 Global Warming predictions have come true. This is wrong.

Trump orders a Space Force. Obviously we need at least a Yamato and Rodger Young in the fleet.

Monster Magnet, why no love for Florida?

Someone’s been playing with tannerite, and not in the fun way.


I should have loved to see this live.