Ah, the fresh air. The gulf breezes. The relaxing sound of the surf and seagulls.  ALL. GONE.  But what a fine week with friends it was.  Sure, I’m a little fat because of it. But its a price I’d be willing to pay again if only given the chance.  Alas, the next trip is apparently to Phoenix in 6 weeks.  I’m praying to God that some auction comes up and I sadly won’t get to go enjoy searing heat with no water in sight.

Anyway, I’m not here to recap my vacation.  You guys don’t care about that.  You’re here for one thing and one thing only…the birthday and sports update!

Well the Capitals won, and managed to fuel more Trump-Russia insanity at the same time.  Personally, I think it was a great trolling by Kushner and his wife Ivanka. And it almost makes a DC team winning something significant tolerable.  Speaking of winning, I guess LeBron had enough of it so he decided to punch a whiteboard and break his hand in the middle of the NBA Finals.  It only hurt him for a few games though, as his Cavs were humiliatingly swept by the GSW squad.  Now America, or at least a very small part of her, will wait to see where he lands next year.

Also, Halep and Nadal won in France, to nobody’s surprise.  Sebastian Vettel won in Canada after a woman almost ruined the race. The Astros won in hilarious fashion. (Suck on that, Rangers fans.)

And for those college baseball fans out there, of which we know of at least one superfan, your CWS is almost set.  Washington, Mississippi State, North Carolina and Oregon State have advanced to Omaha.  The last four spots will be filled today when Texas and Tennessee Tech, Florida and Auburn, Texas Tech and Duke and finally South Carolina and the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS face off in the rubber match of their best-of-three series.  Best of luck to everyone except South Carolina.

This man is so sadly missed.

English playwright and poet Ben Johnson was born on this date. So was the first woman ever elected to Congress Jeannette Rankin. They share the day with coach Vince Lombardi, diver-explorer Jacques Cousteau, idiot-criminal Charlie Rangel, the late, great genius of the silver screen Gene Wilder, mobster Henry Hill, goat (?) QB Joe Montana, and nut job Shia LaBeouf.

Captain Beatty’s nemesis

It was also the day on which Troy was sacked, Ben Franklin invented his Franklin Stove, Captain James Cook discovered the Great Barrier Reef, the Broad Street Riot happened in Boston, Charles Lindbergh was awarded the first ever Distinguished Flying Cross, Hitchcock’s “The Lodger” was released, Charlie Siffird became the first black man ever to play in a US Open golf tournament, some crazy monk in Saigon burned himself alive, Sloop John B hit No. 1 in England, Larry Holmes TKO’d Gerry Cooney in 13 rounds for the heavyweight boxing title, Reagan’s funeral was held at Washington National Cathedral, and Nolan Ryan threw his sixth no-hitter.

What a busy day mankind had on this 11th day of June. Lots of cool stuff.  But its time to forget all that and refocus your energy on…the links!

I’d eat that. Even without a peace process.

Trump and Kim meetings kicking off in Singapore. Enough said.  Well, not quite. I hope we actually get a lasting peace and an opportunity for the Nork people to enter the civilized world and get out from the yoke they’ve been under for decades now.  Appeasement hasn’t worked with these guys in the past and we’ve never gotten this far in a dialogue with them.  Its time to see if Trump can put his money where his mouth is and pull it off.

On a side note, what the fuck is going on with Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows?

Well I hope they at least have him on ice. Bourdain’s body still in France after red tape keeps his family, which includes the 11-year old daughter he decided wasn’t important enough to live for, from transporting his body to America for burial.

Somebody ought to ask this guy if he knows where DB Cooper is. Or Keyser Soze! I mean, 35 years?  He’s gotta be the all-time hide-and-seek champion.


What a fucking pussy. The correct response would have been “fuck you, its delicious.”  But that would make too much sense.

Not all heroes wear capes. And some of them face criminal charges for doing God’s work. Somebody needs to get a GoFundMe set up for this great man so we can help him out.

I swear, I think the people of Chicago would simply be better off if their schools were abandoned and they let everything become New Jack City. I mean, at least Nino Brown handed out turkeys at Thanksgiving and offered Pookie a job if he got off the crack.

But HIS eyebrows can stay on for 3000 years?

And here’s a mystery for all you history buffs out there. Pretty cool stuff, actually.

Listen, I’m sorry if I duplicated links from last week or over the weekend. I was truly on vacation from all responsibility (aside from the 20 or so hours I dedicated to work), so give me a break if I double-posted.  But its certainly good to be back doing what I love to do as often as I can.  Thanks to everyone who filled in and delivered what I’m sure were better links than I provide.  But you’re probably stuck with me for the most part for a while at least.

This was mentioned earlier.

Have a great day out there, friends!