I hadn’t seen something that awful come out of Panama since their native son John McCain tried to last land an airplane.  6-1…ouch.  Also, the Japanese and Senegal played to an entertaining 2-2 draw and the Polacks couldn’t even screw in a lightbulb as Colombia staved off the death threats for at least a few days by pounding them 3-0.


Meanwhile, on God’s side of the Atlantic (and Pacific if you want to get technical), the Dodgers hit 7 solo homers en route to a victory, tying the MLB record for solo homers in a game.  The Reds swept the Cubs (sorry Evan), the Red Sox blanked the Mariners, the D-backs blanked the Pirates, the MINNESOOOOODA TWIIIIINS blanked Texas and the Houston Astros won again.  Also, in the CWS,  Oregon State knocked off Mississippi State to reach the final best-of-three series where they will be taking on the Arkansas Razorbacks, which is a fan favorite of at least two Glibs.  As far as I know, there’s only one OSU, so I suppose I’ll be pulling for the Hogs.  Series starts tonight at 6 pm God’s time.

I’m fired up for today’s birthdays. Not sure why, since as I’m typing this I haven’t yet looked to see who will make the list.  Diving in now…and I find: future-seer George Orwell, cager Willis Reed, singer Carly Simon, dy-no-mite actor Jimmie Walker, bassist Clint Warwick, keyboardist Allen Lanier, selfish child-abandoner Anthony Bourdain, atheist funny man Ricky Gervais, pop superstar George Michael, and Canadian “musician” Mike Kroeger,  Pretty thin cast of characters there. But there were some important events! Th first woman (1678) recipient of a PhD, Venetian Elena Camaro Piscopia graduated, Virginia ratified the US Constitution, Custer got his ass kicked at Little Bighorn, the Mann Act was passed, Joe Louis defeated Primo Carnera at Yankee Stadium, Britain carpet-bombed Bremen with 1,000 bombs, Ike was appointed US commander in Europe, Anne Frank’s diary was first published in Holland, the Norks invaded the Sorks and the Korean War began, global warming started when it his 86 degrees in Anchorage, AK, the Andrea Doria and Stockholm met in the fog on Cape Cod, the libertarian moment happens when Britain grants Somaliland its independence, “The Omen” was released (shudders in fear), and John Holmes was acquitted own murder charges.

Hopefully the events made up for the dearth of quality birthdays.  Or better yet, let’s make up for it with…the links!

More whitewashing of history.  Way to hold a 19th century writer to 21st century social standards, assholes.

Retailers are turning their shitters into nightclubs to keep the junkies out. Hey, maybe Starbucks should try that.

Maxine Waters calls on those who oppose Trump to confront his staffers and public officials in public. This may decide the midterms right here, IMO. Especially when the “confrontations” turn violent, which they inevitably will. Not helping things is Bernie Sanders, who tells people to fight back on every front. I can only take that as an acceptance of violence since he neglected to clarify what “every” means.  Sorry, but I don’t think the left will be happy until there are bodies in the street…whether they’re the Trump supporters or the leftist antifa goons, they want blood and they know the media will spin it as Trump’s fault, so they’re gonna stir shit until they get some.

“Let’s see, double-anal at 8, BBC threesome at 10, and I’ve got a midget gangbang at 3. Yeah, I think I can fit you in at noon, Mr Mueller.”

Stormy Daniels was all ready for her next 15 minutes. Then the Feds pulled the rug out from under her.

Senator Mark Warner knows how to separate fools from their money. Just kidding. I’m sure Robert Mueller has confided exclusively in him about what might be coming out of the Russia witch hunt.  Especially since he’s been so discreet about things up to this point.  Hey Mark, talked to anybody named Awan lately about internet security?

Tolerant Oakland

Ah California’s Bay Area: that bastion of lefty tolerance and acceptance. Maybe they ought to take the beam out of their own eye before bitching about the speck in the old south’s, huh?

Oh Chicago…always on the cutting edge.  They’re coming up with a pilot program where, you’re not gonna believe this, people build homes on vacant lots and they get sold to people who want to buy a home! Its fucking amazing that nobody ever thought to build homes on vacant property before, right?  Oh yeah, one catch: the lots will be sold off to (what I can only presume are politically-connected) developers and taxpayers will pony up $5 million in subsidies for the buyers (who I can also merely assume will be politically-connected).  Um, why not sell the lots to developers at a public auction and reduce tax burdens, dumbasses?

Who. The. Fuck. Cares?

Trump does what Trump does too late night TV host Jimmy Fallon.  Like puppets on a string.

Yes, I do support the death penalty in extremely rare cases that are completely proven without any fear of mistaken identity. And yes, I hope they fry this piece of shit.  There’s no place in a civilized society for people like this and I, for one, will be glad when they remove him from it with all permanence.

Actually several choices for music today. But I went with this one.

Have a great start to your week, friends!