Day 1

We stop for new OMWC undergarments that are younger than SP.

Day 2

STEVE SMITH promised to meet us here.

Day 3

For jail release call 777.7777. Remember, for jail release call 777.7777.

Day 4

We’re expecting P Brooks to be late.

Day 5

OMWC wants to revisit a jobsite from when he was a mere Middle Aged MWC in 1890.

Days 6 - 7

Things were a little more expensive on this trip than we planned.

Day 8

Meeting MikeS! We hope he signs autographs!

Day 9

Top 5 Dining Experience. Ever.

Day 10


OMWC and I are hitting the road.

I thought it would be fun for Glibs to follow along on our adventure. Click the pins on the map and zoom in to see where we are and what we’re up to.

And, for anyone thinking about breaking into our place while we’re gone, we’ve left the alarm system armed…and, coincidentally, my house-sitting scary big brother is, too.

So, what can we expect as we make our way across the land?

South Dakota politicians gonna politic.

There is no end to the stupidity of tourists in Wyoming.

The wheels of justice grind slowly in Montana.

North Dakota police are over-zealous.

In Minnesota it seems as if some teachers are penalized more heavily than most cops.

I swear we aren’t due to be in Wisconsin for more than a week yet!

Have a great weekend. Try not to burn the place down before I get back!