The worst part about getting ready for our road trip is the packing. SP wanted to bring ALL of her stuffed animals  and it took hours to calm her down after she realized it just wasn’t going to fit. After all, I needed room for the bags of Skittles and my various trench coats. Nonetheless, it’s Saturday, the Glibertariat expects fresh links, and frankly, I’m now exhausted. So if there’s a theme here, it’s purely coincidental.

I can’t help but think about the greatest road trip movie ever. Watching it now, you see gags that have been stolen by every road trip comedy made in the last 50 years- I’m looking at YOU, National Lampoon’s Vacation. Here’s a delightful clip that starts out with a classic line and goes off into five minutes of pure improv. Oh, and on the Hollywood theme, happy birthday to Johnny Depp, who truly is a fine actor, with an uncanny ability to disappear into a role. And apparently, something happened in some trash sport yesterday, but it’s not football, so who gives a shit.


Let’s start in Florida because… well… Florida. There’s something about this state that is just different from everywhere else. Like alligators who have interesting tastes in sashimi. You’d think this would be an object lesson to people, but this is Florida- hold my beer.

One more Florida story, which reinforces my firm conviction that everything is better with monkeys.


Something everyone knew but was somehow swept under the rug for reasons. I know, let’s put a billion dollars in cash on a pallet and ship it to those nice folks. Maybe next year, they’ll join their neighbors in a parade. Or maybe not.


Concern trolling. Many concerns. The best concerns.


OK, I admit I’m old and don’t always understand the changes in the world around me. But seriously, really? REALLY?


This is totally not about revenue. Nossir. Public safety!


As November approaches, mendacity gets turned up to 11.


Old Guy Music time- and here, I should note that today, June 9, is Les Paul’s birthday. There has been no greater. See y’all down the road!