After an eventful day yesterday, SP and I ended up in Sioux Falls, SD. What sorts of events, you might ask? The usual Mann Act violations? Sure, but the real adventures were storms and Jews. The latter will be expanded on in a separate post. The former was typical midwest stuff: tornado alerts, flash floods, massive thunderstorms. Nothing like 3 feet of visibility to add excitement to a ride.

The fun parts were because of our tendency to avoid interstates and keep to back roads, where we find charming towns, nice people, and a few odder attractions. Unlike most internet website elites, we had no urge whatsoever to write a rednecks-in-the-mist article, but then again, we know how to change a tire.

Happiest of all is our dog, who so far has managed to spread her urine across five states, with three more to go. Speaking of which, we had a surprise when we got to the pets-allowed hotel we had booked: they have a policy, not stated on their website, of limiting pets to 80 pounds and under. Looking at our behemoth, we figured this was going to be a challenge. “Scrunch down, pretend you’re a beagle!” Slipping in the side door, away from the front desk, was the key to success.

June 10 is quite an auspicious day in history. In precedent which has been continued to this day, it is the anniversary of the US invading a country that posed no threat, with the Marines landing in Cuba. The worst outcome of this war was its contribution to the rise of Teddy Roosevelt, certainly on the list of our Ten Worst Presidents. It’s also the birthday of Nat Hentoff, perhaps the last honest liberal, and Bobby Jindal, the less said about, the better.

Speaking of spreading urine, here’s some links to news items that caught my (((eye))):


This was talked about last night a bit, but didn’t make the formal links post- but should have. CRISIS, PEOPLE, CRISIS! Angela, Justin, and Manny are horrified. I’m famously not a fan of Trump, but shit like this is starting to win me over.


And while we’re in Trump mode, this sort of thing cracks me up. Want more Trump? This is how you’ll get more Trump.


Want to win my vote? Cut TSA by 90%, at least. 


You wacky goyim.


When I want to understand science and public policy, the first guy I ask is a third world commie wearing a dress. Fuck off, Frankie. AGW Derangement is fading away and you can’t save it.


Everything is better with monkeys. Everything.


Here’s a follow-up to the linked story from yesterday about people checking their phones during sex. 


Uh-oh. Of course, the idiot reporters can’t be concerned with what they mean by “traces.”


Wasn’t this a hockey joke?


Last of all, it is sad for me to note the passing of former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan. Kirwan was in the band during the years when they did interesting music rather than the shitty pop that later brought them greater riches. He had the unenviable job of playing guitar on the same stage as Peter Green, but he still managed to imprint his personality in the music. And that inevitably leads us into today’s Old Guy Music. Fittingly, this song is from Kiln House, the first album from FM following Peter Green’s departure. The album is… uneven. But the high points were Kirwan’s songs, and this one was perhaps his best. Our band covered it in many gigs, and it was just as fun to play as it is to listen to.