Right on time.


If naught else, these Links will exhibit the exquisite Swiss timing. Glibertarians.com promises nothing else. I am getting run over with demands for my time and incessant carping requests for MOAR WORK. Don’t these people know I have links to post?! It is making me downright crabby. So you in the Glibertariat, show them who is boss! Read the links, comment with abandon and stick it to the Man!

  • I need to see weepy sermons, comparisons to certain Mid-20th Century German leaders, condemnations and harassment of anyone associated with the Algerian government. THIS is being harsh on “migrants”. How about some Hollywood types, breast beating journos and screeching politicians go “tour” Assamaka. Then come back and tell us how horrible and NAZI the US is. FEH!
  • If you can wade through the garbage in this article….you will see near the end of it that TRADE WARZ ain’t going to be solved by an EU – China lovefest. It will just suck for all of us around the globe. BAH!
  • Farm Aid?!  That #$%& thing is still going on? Want to see how much in YOUR money the poor, downtrodden farmers are getting? Look here and get really pissed off. I saw 101 recipients of MY MONEY just in my little exurban zip code alone (from 1995-2016). Some of the names were big shots and not exactly poors. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!
  • I am sure many could find reasons to be angry here…but I am just pointing and laughing instead.



*stalks off to go do hours more work*