So the crappy part about living on a hill is that when you go for a run, every route is uphill on the way back. I knew that, but it was reinforced to me today when I ran down to the water to do hill sprints on the bridge. Guess who’s house is at a higher elevation than the bridge? Man, that jog back sucked. But I’m giving myself permission to fuck off the rest of the day, so… win?

With enemies like Iran, who needs friends? Who is helped more by “you can’t trust this Trump guy, he’s crazy”? h/t Playa Manhattan

The Singapore Summit has apparently been hard on Larry Kudlow and the Secret Service. In the case of the latter, I assume that finding hookers you can intimidate and being stupid drunk in public are a little tougher to do in Singapore than most places.

Paul Manafort’s legal team will actually know who the prosecution interviewed in bringing charges against him. Its almost like he has a right to defend himself against these charges.

Brexit hangs on in Parliament.


In the spirit of my day.