More adventures in the World Cup. Colombia couldn’t overcome a very early intentional handball to stop a clear goal. Japan won 2-1, and the 1 for Colombia was a gift from the ref. I missed the Senegal v. Poland, but I hear there was some controversy on one of the goals. Russia came out of the 2nd half and are just destroying Egypt, although the VAR official gifted Egypt a penalty kick. Also, Egypt is playing dirty as fuck. Not much going on here at the home front. I’m reliving a bit of the past as an Azure deployment runs over an hour. That is how I started reading the internet in the first place. **Pours out one for the Slashdot of 15 years ago**

Tesla builds tent for ad hoc assembly line, ars technica creams their jeans. They’re probably lining up to lynch Musk’s “saboteur”.

In the never-ending philosophical debate over whether consciousness is material and emergent or universal and existing, one scientist-philosopher brings in brain scans from multiple-personality disorder patients to make a complex and interesting case for and ideal and universal consciousness that can be experienced differently by different beings.

Now THIS is a nice gun collection.

Allowing people to form their own associations to buy insurance is obviously sabotage and racist, tovarisch.

Fuck Cancer! But please don’t treat John McCain until he agrees to retire.

Alcohol makes your heart toughen up. Apparently, there’s a maximum effective dose, so go easy.


And I was thinking of one of our passed on bag-piping friends when I saw this — so I’ll share it with everyone.