Sorry, rest of the world.  The World Cup is headed back to America. Not the trophy, obviously, but the tournament.  We will be sharing it with America Jr and our Mexican brothers and sisters. But this will still be pretty cool for us.  Especially since, unlike the rest of the hosts over the past several cups, we won’t have to build all new stadiums for the thing.

The Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies, Twinks, Marlins, Rays, White Sox…wait, what?  Wow, the White Sox really did win. Oh, sorry. I digress. The Brewers, Reds, Padres, D-backs, Mariners, Dodgers and ASTROOOOOOOS won yesterday.  The Ottowa Senators try to stop a catfight.  Seriously, what a psycho. And that’s about all that happened in the sports world that I can come up with.  Unless you guys want to talk college football recruiting and the best OL in the class spurning Bama, UGA and Clemson to head north to Columbus.  But we can talk about that later.

Charles Algernon Parsons was born today.  He invented the steam turbine. So was Ma Furgeson, 1st woman elected governor of Texas. And she had the job twice!. Actor Basil Rathbone shares the date, along with “Flying Finn” Paavo Nurmi, football legend Red Grange, genius and nutter John Nash, conservative actor Tim Allen, brat packer Ally Sheedy, musician Rivers Cuomo, child actress and designer Ashley Olsen, child actress and cocaine aficionado Mary-Kate Olsen, and busty “actress” Kat Dennings.

Hey, my eyes are u…aw, fuck it. Go ahead and look.”

Its also the day King Ferdinand of Austria subjected himself to the Ottoman emperor Suleiman, The Marquis de Lafayette landed in the United States to help stomp the limeys, Simon Bolivar was declared dictator for life, Andrew Johnson signed proclamation for confederate reconstruction, Charles Lindbergh had a ticker-tape parade for his transatlantic flight, Hermann Goering established the gestapo, Babe Ruth gave his farewell speech in Yankee Stadium, the last British troops leave the Suez Canal (probably a mistake in retrospect), Vostok 6 took the first woman into space, Mick Taylor joined the Rolling Stones, Let It Be hit #1, “Grease” hit theaters, George Harrison released “This Is Love” and sadly this is the day that stupid asshole drunk limo driver destroyed the body of hockey great Vladimir Konstantinov. (I’d be in the stands the next year as the Red Wings swept the Caps to win the Stanley Cup in front of a sparse crowd at the MCI Center.)

Lotta stuff there.  And now…the links!

Do I look like I have a clue?

While the boss is out there making flamethrowers, Tesla is cutting 9% of their workforce.  How much longer will their shareholders let this clown run their company into the ground?

Ballot initiative to split California into three states earns a spot on the November ballot. I believe it was out very own Jesse who had some contact with the people heading up this campaign.  If I’m right, maybe we can get some inside dope on what’s happening.  If I’m wrong then…ignore me.

Trump will be briefed on the IG’s report on the Clinton email fiasco before it is released to the public.  And on his birthday no less!  The tweets will be, how shall I put this, FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!

“Don’t think I won’t intimidate you if you get too close to real oversight.”

Apparently intimidation of witnesses or people with oversight of a federal department is no longer a crime.  This asshole needs to be fired and disbarred at a minimum.  He should probably be charged with something involving witness intimidation or contempt of Congress.  The people, after all, are merely asking him for records so they can perform their defined job of federal oversight of his department.

Chicago taxpayers, I’m sure you’re happy about your skyrocketing property and sales taxes going to shit like this.  Hey, its better than the pension scam the cops and CPS are running.  Marginally.

Damn, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And a horrible way to go, too.

Gazan schoolchildren off to peacefully protest at the Israeli border.

“Rights” group makes a statement.  I would assume Israel’s response will be: “and how many Divisions does the Human Rights Watch have?”  Seriously, HRW needs to eat a turd on this one.  Gaza is a shithole by design of Hamas and their barbaric death-cult followers.  There, I said it.  Israel has every right in the world to defend her borders from those who very vocally said their goal was to enter Israel and kill as many people as possible.  And anybody stupid enough to commingle with this idiots at the fence and burn tires and all kinds of other stupid shit deserve whatever they got.

So many choices today. But really, its a no-brainer for me.

Have a fantastic day, friends.