Welcome to Hump Day, or Mid-Week Maintenance Sex Day for those of you in long-term relationships where you don’t schedule monthly appointments. I don’t have much patter or chatter today, Sloopy does a pretty good job of sucking all the air out of the day in the morning. We’ll see how this Croatia/England matchup goes. After eliminating the Cravats, I think the English will fall to the French in a way that will disappoint them as much as anything since Joan of Arc’s victories.

“It was Gatlinburg in mid-July/I shat myself ’cause of e. coli./I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a Boy Named Sue” – I believe Shel Silverstein would be okay with this

As a fellow Brett, I am shocked and disappointed at these baseless allegations. I was never a member of a fraternity.

Huh, I always thought fraudulent evangelism was an American phenomenon.

I think everyone here can agree that the cops did a good thing here.


Oh what the hell. We’ll make it easy.