We had a cold front blow in about 4am this morning. Like a for-real fall cold front with incredible lightning and thunder. Also the temperature hit the low 70s and will probably not exceed the low 80s today. This is very weird weather for July. Very weird. So like any good Florida Man, I am preparing for the end of the world and Fimbulwinter. This may be our last links together. I am gathering closed-toed shoes and pants in case winter arrives. I have dug out several sweat shirts. I am collecting firewood from the downed branches. Stay tuned for further notices if possible.

Archer presages reality. With perfectly safe, absolutely non-flammable helium, this is the slowest way to fly across the Atlantic. Also, as yet not proven safely able to operate for the three days it would take to cross.

John Brennan still has a security clearance?

I asked STEVE SMITH about this, and he says no cryptozoological creatures were involved. Probably just horrible humans.

Papa John’s Corporation would rather destroy shareholder value than let John Schnatter take over. Let’s see if they can destroy the whole company.

In honor of Papa John, here’s a fun one.