Welcome back everyone to the weekday links. I hope everyone is catching up on all the work you “missed” last week. I know I am. Not a whole lot else going on. Excellent contributor articles abound, please peruse the main page and catch up on any you’ve missed over the last week. If you guys generate much more content, I’m going to start skipping links (that’s a promise not a threat!). Also, stick around after the links for the thrilling conclusion of THE STEVE SMITH SANCTION.

I don’t know what they mean by disproportionately large stinger, every wasp that gets within five feet of me looks like this to me. h/t Mad Scientist

Newly-wed husband and wife collide on zip-line, men hardest hit. That’s one way to get out of it.

Florida Man crashes motorcycle, lives, perseveres in killing himself.

I feel like we could send a delegation of Dennis Rodman, Bill O’Reilly, and ICP, and make this happen.

Texas’s Great White  Hype: As he wound his way through his stump speech, he leavened his talk of migrants with a vulgar crack about Congress’ approval ratings: “Just below communism, just above gonorrhea.”


There’s an awful lot of excitable boys (and girls and other genders) out there nowadays.