What’s with all this rain lately in Houston?  Good thing I’m not into cave exploring.  Oh well, we got to wrap up a few painting projects around the house, so the weekend wasn’t a total washout.  And at least I’m not in Los Angeles.  Or a seeded woman at Wimbledon.  Jeez, they dropped like flies through Saturday. Let’s see who survives the second week.  The Men’s side is going a little more to script, and if you’re interested, you can catch a Federer-Nadal doubleheader starting right about the time these hot, steamy links hit the interwebs.

“Oh my God, I think he’s gonna make it.”

But if you’re not into tennis, we’ve got some baseball news: starting with the MLB All-Star Game team selections. Which are a travesty now that they’ve implemented a rule that says the Orioles, Royals, White Sox, Mets, Marlins and all the other teams that suck deserve a player on the roster.  Why not just name every player in the league an All-Star and be done with it, huh?  And speaking of baseball, your winners yesterday were: thew Yankees, Athletics, Rangers, Rays, Marlins, Pirates, Brew Crew, the MINNESOOOOODA TWIIIIIINS, Red Sox, Cubs, Gigantes, Mariners, Padres, Angels and the defending World Series champion Houston Astros, who won on a suicide-squeeze play…which was awesome. As an aside, Albert Pujols hit homers #627. World Cup semifinals start tomorrow, so I won’t discuss it until then when I make my picks.

Rock on, brother!

Hero to women everywhere, Elias Howe was born on this date. As was architect Michael Graves, actor Brian Denny, blackspoitation actor Richard Roundtree, writer Dean Koontz, noted musician Bon Scott, rental-car pitchman and golf enthusiast Orenthal James Simpson, TV ‘s John Tech, NWA Member Kevin Nash, suicide-muse Courtney Love, and actor Tom Hanks.

Its also the date on which the following happened: Talleyrand became the first Prime Minister of France, the donut-cutter parent was issued, the first successful open heart surgery without anesthesia was performed (that must have hurt like hell), the Commonwealth of Australia was established by Britain (unlike we Americans that did it the right way), the HMS Vanguard blew up killing 804, Spain voted to institute the Franco monarchy, the great Satchel Paige made his major league debut, the Russell-Einstein Manifesto was released, Jack Nicklaus won the British Open to become just the fourth man to win all four of golf’s majors. He would go on to win more than any other player has. And Kissinger visited China.

That’s it for the extras, now for the entree. Which means…the links!

Trump makes his Supreme Court nomination today.  Which means its time to gauge how college students feel about him/her. Let’s just say I’m not exactly surprised.

Stupid, fascist little cunt.

It’s probably been covered already, but somebody needs to show this to that little dipshit David Hogg. And somebody else needed to have checked to make sure their snowplow worked properly over the weekend on the highways around Chicago. But that’s another story.

The entire Brexit process has officially (again) turned into a shitshow. I still don’t see what the problem here is: you say “we’re no longer part of the EU,” you pack your shit up from Brussels, you announce what will be your process for allowing people and goods to travel into your country and you tell your former “partners” that they’re free to trade or let the flow of people be whatever it is they want.  That’s it. That’s the whole process.  Stop kowtowing to the ECB and Brussels and just pull the fucking band-aid off.  Jesus H Christ.  This isn’t rocket science.

The Mueller investigation witch hunt continues to reach new levels of absurdity. But there’s no bias and they aren’t going beyond the scope of their mandate. They promise.

And today’s Darwin Award goes to… But hey, at least they weren’t blowing up watermelons with M-80s.

Wendi Winters: selfless hero

Hero woman gets properly noticed for her bravery. Now, if only one of the people were armed instead of living in a state that all but outlaws transporting weapons without an expensive and arduous (by design) permitting scheme.

Let’s all step back, take a deep breath and try to regain a sense of humor, huh? I mean…Jesus, this shit is getting absurd.

Good! That’s all I’ve got to say about this entire case. With one caveat: none of those fuckers should still have a job.

Starbucks is going to work on saving the planet by ditching plastic straws. I guess closing hundreds of stores when their business faded wasn’t enough of a carbon-footprint reduction for them.

Too many choices today, and I know I’ll piss somebody off. But here you are.

Have a great start to your week, friends!