Goooood Monday Morning my Glibertariat shitlords. I’ll be giving you the links because Sloopy had a prior engagement this morning. Let’s see, Astros lost. Justin Verlander appears more interested in seeing what pregnancy is doing to his wife’s already generous bust than striking people out. And good for him. Seattle lost, too. As did Croatia, The Yankees, D-backis, Angels, and Toronto. Its the All-Star break, so lord only knows what Sloopy will talk about tomorrow.

People had birthdays and shit happened in the past.

NASA chief says the new US Space Force will be based on the Navy, not the Air Force. So I guess the dropship Rodger Young is a possibility.

Elon Musk calls Thai rescuer “pedo” in tweet, fuck stick.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug, that encourages you to engage in poor choices.

We give Californians a lot of shit, but I’m going to give this one’s persistence a thumbs up.

Okay this is too funny. Is this one of you?