Sorry Eldrick, the aura isn’t there anymore.  Jack and Bobby, in no particular order since I don’t want to start a fight this morning, are safe atop golf’s Olympus.  You not only didn’t intimidate the field anymore, you lost by 3 to your playing partner, who was as cool as the other side of the pillow coming down the stretch as you were hitting shots that would have been OB had it not been for a couple fortuitously and unaware patrons.  I’m more concerned with Jordan Spieth blowing what was a reasonably good chance to repeat in what has been a trying year.

Baseball winners were: San Diego, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, LA, KC, the Cubs, Texas,  (of) Anaheim, Oakland, Arizona, Seattle and Philly. New York-New York was rained out.

And some sad news for our MINNESOOOOODA VIIIIIIKINGS fans, as their offense line coach Tony Sparano unexpectedly died yesterday at the age of 56. Condolences to our Vikes fans and the Sparano family.


Some famous people born on this date were: baseball player Pee Wee Reese, Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, hurler Don Drysdale, shock jock Don Imus, sax/oboe player Andy McKay, Dutch filmmaker and victim of a terroristic murder Theo Van Gogh, rocker Martin Gore, actor Woody Harrelson , guitarist Slash, dead junkie who left three kids without a father Philip Seymour Hoffman, funny man Marlon Wayans, cigar-holder Monica Lewinsky, and actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Its also the date on which Napoleon captured Alexandria, the first typewriter (of sorts_ was patented in America, Lou Gehrig hit his first of 23 (23?!?!?!) career grand slams, Italy’s fascist government banned foreign words,  the Germans got their ass kicked at Kursk, VP Richard Nixon visited the Soviet Union, the Beatles “Help!” was released, Classy Fred Blasie won his fifth world wrestling championship, Nixon refused to release the Watergate tapes, Billy Carter admitted to being paid by Libya, and ISIS set off a bomb in Kabul killing 80 people at a protest.

Weak birthday day, that’s for sure. So let’s move on to…the links!

Rattle those sabres, boys!

Some presidents send a theocratic shithole pallets of cash in the middle of the night and some decide to go completely in the opposite direction. You decide which is more prudent. Me? I’ll take peace over either one, which I’m sure is what we will end up with.  After all, the Iranians can only buy so many weapons with the $58 billion in cash and securities they were handed over, so I’m sure Rouhani is just talking shit to appease his base.

The bangs need to go. This is a better look.

You know, I thought Toronto was a much longer walk from Indiana. Huh, guess I was wrong.

The Team Blue freakout over the Russian “spy” meeting with the NRA for access will likely blow over now.  Unless they want to explain why she was actually meeting with high-ranking officials from the Obama admin in 2015.

So the FISA warrant application was released with a lot of it retracted.  But it sure looks to me like it completely supports the GOP claim that essentially all of the evidence used was the Steele dossier that was completely funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign (by way of a lawyer to avoid FEC oversight), although that detail was conspicuously left out of the document.  And Brennan himself even said that it was all done at Obama’s behest…although that won’t see much airplay except over at Fox.  All these bastards involved should at a minimum be fired for falsifying a warrant application by claiming that all sources and sub-sources had been vetted for accuracy and identified. Because they had to know that was a lie.

Another example of the great racial tolerance of the Bay Area liberals? Or just a busybody neighbor? You decide.  Although in this case, it would appear that the cops and business owner all acted the way civilized people act.

“Who doesn’t just give away $200k on a Sunday?”

Look, why would anybody possibly think this had to do with the political campaign? “Its merely a coincidence!” says man who is running for mayor and happens to hand out $200,000 in cash on a Sunday afternoon.  Oh, Chicago. Never change!

It looks like the Senate is about to confirm Robert Wilkie as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Let’s see if he can fix that dysfunctional and corrupt place.

You can criticize the song if you wish. But there was only one choice for the artist.  Aw fuck it, he deserves a second one.

That’s it for me this week.  I’m gonna be in Cincy the next few days and then Phoenix through next Tuesday.  But I’ll be checking in from time to time.  So have a great week, friends!