It was a fun day yesterday. SP and I really love going up to Wisconsin, and yesterday’s excuse was the Ed Gein Memorial Fun Walk and Barbecue. It’s a great event, honoring a great man, and it’s fun for the whole family. It was delightful to see such diversity among the people participating, the weather was great, and I think the entire day went by with no one being groped or mugged. We need more positive things like this in our sick society.

I forgot to do the birthday roundup yesterday, and missed Robert Heinlein. I’ll forget again today because it was a pretty dull bunch. I’m not doing sports because the Orioles are setting new records for suckiness, football season doesn’t start for two more months, and there’s no other sports going on now. So let’s do some links:


Trump raises the art of “brain lint as free association” to ever-higher levels. I’m sure he’ll eventually top this, but my limited imagination can’t see how.

I have broken more Elton John records, he seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ.

Yes, I’m sure he does.


Speaking of which, how often do you meet a girl, take her home, start rolling around on the floor, get her pants off, and discover… something extra? Well, worry no more, now you can know exactly what to do.

…as Allison Moon writes in Girl Sex 101, “For some girls, too much glans stimulation can feel annoying. This can be especially true if she gets erections.” In this case, Moon recommends “small licks about an inch down from the frenulum, on the ventral [under] side of her clit.”


On a similar theme, apparently the British can’t achieve the same sense of fun and unity that we witnessed from Wisconsinites.

A small group of activists protesting against what they perceive as the erasure of lesbian identity by trans women, attempted to insert themselves at the head of the parade at Pride in London. When authorities intervened, the women laid on the floor until persuaded to move by officials.

Personally, I find the word “insert” to be triggering.


“You didn’t build that!” This is one of those articles that is so transparently ignorant and mendacious that you can make a party game out of “who can find the most fallacies, ignorance of technology and history, and non sequiturs?”

Contrary to public perception, it is government and taxpayer dollars, not private enterprise, that are the main drivers of technological innovation. If it wasn’t for government funding of new technologies, the smart phone you are holding in your hand right now wouldn’t exist. Furthermore, nearly the entire high-tech industry owes its existence to government.


Where is Sirhan Sirhan now that we so badly need him?

Legalizing marijuana means that Americans will be faced with new forms of the addictive chemical found in marijuana, THC. By and large, marijuana today is not the marijuana the hippies were smoking at Woodstock, or even the kind they were smoking outside of Metallica concerts in the ’90s. Big Marijuana is selling us “elixirs” like orange-aid with potent levels of THC in it. There are also edibles: brownies and gummy bears laced with THC.

These drugs, which masquerade as food, have caused emergency room visits to skyrocket. People don’t adequately understand how edibles work or how much THC they are consuming. One gummy bear turns into a handful, and the next thing you know, someone is hallucinating in the emergency room.


Old Guy Music! This one from a Wisconsin-born singer-songwriter whose songs about historical events are always interesting and beautifully crafted. He’s not well-known but ought to be, dammit. In any case, the futility and waste of war are recurring themes in his music, and World War I may have been the most futile and wasteful of them all. Which of course is why our Progressive president of the time found it irresistible to get the US involved in it. Oh, and if the artist stumbles across this, please don’t dox us.