Hapless bunch of …

They are used to useless circling in the Hague.

@#$% missed the turn…now I have to circle back.

OK, here I am. Just going to have to wait it out. Sure hope this dart with the neurotoxin is enough to take down STEVE SMITH. If not, there will be one less fondue miner laboring for the Swiss…

Wait a minute – there is a nice little shadowy spot. I think I will try there.


Wait a mimute…there is someone in the shadows! Limping?

“You are walking with a limp.” I readied the dart.

Instead of a roar or STEVE SMITH TALK, I get “I am 2 months from 90 and have had 3 back operations…of course I am limping, jongen!”


“Oh goody, you retain some wits about you.”

“So it was you…what was with all the hints?”

“Those were the places I lived in 1951-1953 when I started medical school. Figured the only way to get you there was via STEVE SMITH.”

“That isn’t fair!”

“It worked, ja?”

“…ja vader.”

“Oh, jongen even remembers some Nederlands. I trust the lesson has been learned?”

“Ja. Listen to father and stay away from the SMITHS.”

“Correct, jongen. Time to go home now. Nostalgia is fine, but our family left here for numerous reasons. Busybody bunch of…”