“Drunken” is a little false, they weren’t any more drunk than the professional soldiers

Happy ‘Murica Day Eve, y’all. I hope you’re proudly carrying our forefathers’ tradition of taking the day off or working as little as possible. My wife is doing clinical rounds in a hospital, so she has to work for her first July 4, like, ever. The boys and I will go to the beach, play with sparklers, eat dirty water hot dogs, and then go out to the field around the corner (which I think is owned by the cemetery but not used yet) to watch fireworks. The four year old is… sensitive, so he doesn’t really like fireworks up close. Anyhow, I am hopeful that during all that excitement I’ll find time to put up a set of links for our foreign friends who won’t be drinking and getting sunburns.

In Old World Football, the Swedes topped the Swiss. Our love to Swiss Servator. We’ll see whether the English can continue to get lucky. The were up 1-0, but gave up a goal with 2 minutes to go. England may give it away.

It appears Ali Watkins will be receiving a mentor, who will teach her how not to sleep with sources and subjects of her columns. Because apparently, “don’t fuck people you quote” is hard to communicate.

I love how $75/bbl and $2.65 at the pump is now a disastrous price. Remember $125 and $3.50?

What a horrible fucking person. Remind me again how this is worse than shooting up a school shooting up a school is worse than this. Editing h/t Bob Boberson

Greenpeace idiots introduce foreign contamination into spent fuel pool. 2nd take away, intercepting 1 of 2 drones isn’t quite good enough.

Juggalos are on the forefront of anti-surveillance technology.

I found the Ballad of Florida Man.