I think the first time I was really drawn to computer programming as a career was when I realized that I could literally read the internet and be good at it. “Hey nobody at [GIANT COMPANY] knows how to do this!” I sneak off to the internet, use whatever came before Google — Yahoo? Lycos? Anyhow, I would type in some phrases, spend an hour or four reading blog posts and trying shit, and come in the next day with something that worked. Almost 20 years later, this still works. Am I good a writing code or just good at Googling? Who cares? The only people enjoying more job security than me right now are pipeline welders. I’ll tell you what is different — I used to have to write the code myself or at least copy and paste and change some things. Now, at least half the time, there’s an app for whatever I’m trying to do. Also, it gives me an excuse to be on the internet all day.

France beats the Belgians, like every war ever.

Wow. It turns out that the DOJ settled with Cody Wilson — he will be allowed to post specifications for essentially any type of firearm a private citizen can buy without an ATF endorsement. He has more plans. I’m also hoping that now that DD’s legal troubles are over, they’ll drop the price of the GhostGunner about $500.

Huh. I heard a lot about “fuckin’ the dog” when I worked that construction job in Houston, but I didn’t realize how apt the metaphor was. The article implies that this congress may not have been illegal as late as last year, but I’m pretty sure an ass-whipping is part of the deal anytime you get caught.

That’s some redneck shit, even for Georgia. Oh, Republic of Georgia. What an asshole.

Maybe other states should also ban their legislatures from meeting in even years. Texas #1 state to do business in.