Halfway through the week for many of you.  I’ve got an all-weekend work-a-thon with the arrowhead auction coming up, so I don’t know when I’ll have a day off next. But that’s all good with me.  You know who has a loooong weekend?  the Belgium soccer team.  Those dudes have to go to play in the 3rd Place game later, but that’s never really mattered much.  They’ll face whoever loses today between Croatia and England, while the winner of that match will square off against France for all the marbles.  My pick: England 2-1.  If they weren’t completely gassed, I’d go with Croatia, but I think the tank has gotta be about empty.

The Orioles beat the Yankees, the Nats got above .500 after beating the Pirates, the Red Sox topped the Rangers, the big red machine took down the cross-state rival Indians, the Phillies beat the Mets, The Brewers doubled up the Marlins, the Rays stung the Tigers, the Blue Jays drilled the Braves, the Cardinals embarrassed the White Sox, the Royals bested the MINNESOOOOODA TWIIIIIINS, the D-backs topped the Rockies, the Giants beat the Cubs, the Angels beat the Mariners, the Padres topped the Dodgers, and I went to sleep in the middle of the 8th with the Astros up 4-0, so I assumed they finally got Verlander a decision. Apparently that was a mistake. I wish I’d have seen the circus play that ended that game in the Astros favor.

Would most likely be “problematic” today.

Scottish king Robert the Bruce was born on this date. So too were  President John Quincy Adams, “lawman” Bull Conner, author E.B. White, slap-head actor Yul Brynner, fashion designer Giorgio Armani, rocker John Lawton, singers Jeff Hanna and Bonnie Pointer, boxer Leon Spinks, Bauhaus’s Peter Murphy, guitarist Richie Sambora, vocalist Suzanne Vega, and Thurston Harris.

Its also the day Antonius Pius succeeded Hadrian as Roman Emperor, Henry VIII was excommunicated, Samuel de Champlain returned to Quebec, Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton, the US Marine Corp was established, the first auto race was held, Babe Ruth made his Boston pitching debut, the Marx Brothers “A Day At The Races” opened, “To Kill A Mockingbird” was published, Earl Weaver made his debut as Orioles manager, “Space Oddity” was released, Nolan Ryan recorded his 4,000th strikeout and Mike Tyson hired Donald Trump as his advisor.

Heady stuff there. But I digress. Its time for…the links!

Where’s my eggs and ketchup, you lazy European bastards!

Well the start of the NATO meetings sure wasn’t boring.  I swear, I’ll fly to DC and kiss the man if he pulls our troops out of Europe and those people start funding their own defense.  We’ll see how those social safety net programs get funded if they actually have to supply their own military.

Sacha Baron Cohen appears to have struck a nerve with former Governor Sarah Palin. Well, her and disabled veterans support groups.  I don’t have Showtime. If anybody does, let me know if its funny or not.  I assume it will be a combination of hilarity and cringe-worthy stupidity.  Not sure yet who will supply each.

The real joke here is Hollywood

Exhibit 1,329,692 for Hollywood being out of fresh ideas. I assumed an “origins” story would require hiring a younger person rather than an older one.  But he will save them money on face makeup.

But they have strict gun control! How could this have happened?  I bet he went to Indiana.  Yeah, let’s blame Indiana.

Chicago government: is there anything they can’t fuck up?  Also, good on the ACLU for taking this up. I guess that’s where they’re spending all their energy after abandoning free association, the second amendment and the right for people to have religious objections to regulations.

Put that “Popcorn” down!. Popcorn is for closers only.

This one is for all you potheads out there.  ::sigh:: FINE, everybody else who likes making fun of the DEA can pile on too.

Just in case you needed an excuse to go get one. Personally, I’d mix cherry with blue raspberry and call it a day.  Although I was always more of a Slush Puppy kid growing up, I’ll probably try to find a local store.

Quanell X is gonna have some explaining to do. This one could be interesting. These cases usually turn into an airing of grievances.  I’ll get the popcorn.

Yes, I had several options. And I’m perfectly content with the direction I decided to go today. Feel free to complain and/or supplement it in the comments.

Have a great middle of the week, friends!