I think it was MikeS who said, “What next, Omaha?” It took about 10 seconds to say, “Why not?” Well, for one thing, 10,000 Allied casualties on the first day, It wasn’t a small battle, and a lot of shit happened all at once, kind of like war, anyway…

I decided to work in 1/72 scale this time (a soldier is 1” high) due to the scale of battle, and I could get more men on the field that way. Next was deciding where I wanted to build. I chose a cliff that has a large bunker system full of artillery, and the Rangers are going to attack and scale the cliff, WooHoo! Uh, oh, how do you get there?

Higgins Boats: Built on a design from a Loosiana Swamp Boy, low draft and easy landing, they carry 15 troops, and are swampy as all get out, but they get the job done, of course, until the Germans open up on you. We will get to that….

Water: Yay! I get to spend a lot of time and money experimenting with surface water, you see, I need to have deep water, sunk/blown up Higgins Boats, and blood water up against the shore; mockups will be required.

Army Men!: I have 47/87 finished, and another 30 on deck, tedious is too simple a term for this tiny ass BS, but it’s cool. I’m trying for at least 500+ men, 9 or 10 landing craft, multiple Shermans, and a very busy landscape.

The Germans: I found a guy who 3D prints out various useful objects, very cool but he ships like a snail. We’ll go over the Germans next.

’til next time!

WAR! What is it good for? Making dioramas!


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