Five plus hours of grinding out SQL and JSON — repeating each about 3x for each bleeding step. There’s a part of me that says, “oh just write a text automation script that generates all the documents, it can’t possibly take as long as just grinding.” This is a trap. This is always a trap. Although I was getting pretty good with search-and-replace by the end of the day. Next time is the time to write the automation. You want to be lazy, but optimally lazy. Never automate before it is time. Anyhow, I burned through most of my focus already. But MANY OF THE THINGS!! are working automatically now. That is good. When most of the hard problems are solved, and you can just grind it out, that’s fun for the first day or two.

Rule 34 is a hell of a rule

Apparently, the Russians have never watched ROTJ. Deploy Ewoks to Poland!

Speaking of another disaster of film with too many muppets: The Happytime Murders is being panned.

Jim Brown doesn’t give a damn about what you think. He’s rooting for Trump.

Lots of people leave yoga balls filled with carbon monoxide in the trunk of their wife’s car, right?

When someone kills a police dog, its murder, right? We all know its different when a cop does it.


And this one is for my brother, who is having a birthday today. Someone has to be a 311 fan.