I still think he got screwed, but whatever.

Hoo-boy. A three game suspension for Meyer.  I guess I can live with that, but the media talking heads sure can’t. They wanted a pound of flesh and this just won’t do. How dare he cover up…what exactly? Sorry, assholes. This is becoming an exercise in who can out-social signal each other and has zero to do with investigating domestic violence (which the Powell PD did on over 60 calls in a 90 day stretch and found absolutely nothing to substantiate the claims, and even her mother said none happened).  Well go suck an egg, assholes. When you’re banging out hot takes to your hundreds of moon-faced followers hoping your paper or website stays afloat long enough for you to keep getting paychecks, Urban will be winning football games and making 30x what you are to do it and stadiums full of people will cheer him on and won’t even recognize you as you stroll the concourses at halftime.

I’m sorry, I went off on a tangent there. Let’s get some sports scores going, shall we?  Toronto beat Baltimore (poor Baltimore), Chicago topped Minnesota, Milwaukee blanked the Reds, Texas took out Oakland, the world champion Houston Astros beat Seattle, Washington squeaked past Philly, Atlanta scalped Pittsburgh, Boston finally figured out Cleveland, the Cubs mauled Detroit, the Mets cut down the Giants, the Marlins cruised past the Yankees, the Rays stung the Royals, the Rockies topped the Padres, the Diamondbacks stung the Angels, and the Cardinals beat the Dodgers. The NL divisions and wild card are super tight, while the only race in the AL anymore is the west and second wild card.  a little more than 30 games left per team…should be fun.

Pure genius

Just in case you were wondering what famous people were born on this date, wonder no more. We have Charles Martel, headless Louis XVI, dancer and actor Gene Kelly, jazzman Bob Crosby, actresses Vera Miles and Barbara Eden, (one of the greatest) drummer(s of all time) Keith Moon, college athlete Rudy Ruettiger, singer Rick Springfield, “Night Shift” actress Shelley Long, Jordanian Queen Noor, the ageless Julio Franco, drug aficionado River Phoenix, funny man Jay Mohr, convicted pederast Jared Fogle, and wingman to Shaq Kobe Bryant.

Also happening on this date: William Wallace was executed, Calvinists were granted rights in Holland (but it was going to happen anyway), the American Methodist Episcopal church was founded, Ghandi was released from jail after a hunger strike, “You Cant Take It With You” hit theaters, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed (for what it was worth), “The Big Sleep” also hit the silver screen, the first C-130 hit the skies, Armenia declared independence, Osama bin Asshole issued a fatwa against the United States, Quadafi was overthrown thanks to the CIA going back on our word, and the first twitter hashtag was used (God help us all).

Man, that was slim pickings. Oh well, its quality not quantity. And with that, on to…the links!

e palekana, e nā hoaaloha

I know how they feel in Hawaii. If there are any Glibs out there on one of the islands, stay safe.

Even if he does this just to piss people off, its probably a bad idea to pardon Paul Manafort. Especially since he’s yet to go to trial for the other laundry list of charges against him, the optics are terrible.

What an asshole. And a shitty terrorist too. You’re supposed to kill infidels, not your relatives. Jesus, you can’t even Islamo-terrorism right anymore, ISIS followers. Get your shit together or we’ll have to start referring to you as the JV again.

Victim of alleged Asia Argento sexual assault speaks out. Calls out hypocrisy of Argento and speaks about his shame of being stigmatized as a male victim. I know some of you think this is a money grab, but seriously, the dude kept quiet the entire time until he was outed and if whats alleged in the settlement is true, she did effectively pull a Cosby on him.  I’d like to see the police handle it at this point.

“Hey city taxpayers…suck on this”

Chicago finds a way to piss away even more money on pensions. That’s ok…they can just tax the producers more and more until they all move away.  Then they can become Detroit.

More calls for immigration reform in the wake of Mollie Tibbetts murder allegedly carried out by an illegal immigrant. According to some talking heads, she’s just “some girl in Iowa”. Yeah, that’s gonna sell.

Police bust Spanish ring of endangered turtle sellers. The best part: they’re actually raising the turtles to sell and are probably getting a better survival rate than the dumbass environmentalists out there destroying property values and property rights in order to “save” them.

First of three tracks. Because this man was a God. And because I reserve the right to do what I want from time to time.

Go out there and enjoy your day, dear friends.