Wow. I think I might have still been under the influence of alcohol when I reported to my workstation this morning. No, no, I didn’t endanger anyone. Just walked myself upstairs without stumbling and sat down. Note to self: Eat, don’t drink your dinner tonight, dumbass. That will be easy tonight as I have a pork butt cooking in the slow cooker. It is Taco Tuesday, and I will be doing my part!

I think we all knew this is how the story of this young lady would end. But still very sad.

She Guevara visits former employer which closed in part due to minimum wage laws She advocates for.

SLD, businesses should be able to choose who they associate with, but Wells Fargo terminates political candidate’s account for supporting marijuana legalization. We, also, get to choose who we do business with.

It looks like the jury is hung on at least one count in Paul Manafort’s case. For a defense that called no witnesses, this is a win.

Anticlimactic end to a local Florida Man story. I only post this because TBT’s coverage of this has been breathless. Running at least 3 stories on the “murdered” gopher tortoise. One of which featured a young child who was breathlessly heartbroken about it. Turns out, some guy was just trying to make sure he got to work on time as a crossing guard at the school.

If you have a child starting college (or are starting college yourself) I strongly urge you to get the meningitis vaccine or at least ask your doctor about it. My wife had a friend die of bacterial meningitis during college. The good news is almost nobody gets bacterial meningitis, the bad news is, the fatality rate is pretty darn high. Antibiotics, for the most part get trapped on the wrong side of the blood-brain barrier, so acute treatment is not as effective as it should be.


Everyone needs goals. May need headphones for this one.