A vegan kitchen is not too unlike a non-vegan kitchen, but there are some tools and products that make life much, much easier.


I am new to the ways of vacuum saving food, but I am already in love. SP & OMWC gifted me with this FoodSaver for my birthday, and I can’t get over how awesome it is.

One of the biggest challenges for me being vegan is that it’s very hard for me to get fresh produce unless I hop over to a farm stand, and they almost never have lettuces. With my FoodSaver I’m able to vacuum pack my produce, tofu, and leftovers, and get many more meals out of them. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be trying to reheat my vegetables using the sous vide method now that I have my food so well sealed.

A Fuckload of Mason Jars

For a well-stocked vegan kitchen (where you also don’t need to spend hours every night cooking), you really need a fuckload of Mason jars. One of the great things about the FoodSaver is there is an accessory attachment you can order and you can vacuum seal jars. Now, as the package will remind you about 10 million times, this is no replacement for canning food, but you can do salad jars. Throw some greens and veg into a jar and seal it up. It can last in the fridge for over a week.

The meal prepper in me is planning to do this Asian inspired salad jar, Buddha bowls in jars, oatmeal in jars, peanut noodles in jars, and anything else that comes to mind.


Ever want to make cool spiraled veggies? Zucchini noodles? Other spiraly things? Cookhelp at your service. This tool will make your vegan salads a lot more interesting.

An Award Winning Spatula

I originally got this award winning spatula (another gift from SP) for breadmaking, but I use it for basically everything. It’s rigid yet flexible. It does the best job scraping bowls out of every spatula I’ve ever used.

Glass Milk Jugs

These are so freaking useful for iced tea and non-dairy milks like oat milk (which is super easy to make at home and much, much cheaper).

Immersion Blender

I am in love with my immersion blender. It’s changed the way I make soups, and I would argue it’s an essential kitchen tool whether or not you’re vegan.

AND Bonus Link!

Football season is almost upon us. Here’s a story for vegetarian athletes everywhere.