I’m late! I’m late!

Well, not yet, but my closest gal pal is going to ring the doorbell any second.

OMWC is out of town attending some absolutely fascinating mandatory meetings on material they covered in third grade, so it’s the perfect time to have a “girls’ afternoon/night in.” We are both self-employed, so if we want to start drinking at 1500 on a Wednesday (or any other day), we can.

My spousal unit is also close with [REDACTED], who is a fellow scientist. I’ll say hi for you, dude! (Swiss, you know the woman of whom I speak, so if you wanna drop in, we’d both love to see you. Don’t forget the pizza for the pup. 😉 )

We are doing a really simple menu of Gruet Brut with snacks, then grilled vegetables and a couple kinds of panini on homemade bread, with some excellent red wine, then dark chocolate cookies with espresso gelato. Easy and perfect for summer.

All that to say, I am sorry you aren’t receiving links up to my usual standard, but, hey, you get that for which you pay!

  • I’m sure everyone has seen and/or commented on this story, but it just makes me happy, so I am posting it. What stops a bad guy with a gun?
  • I’m not really a gin drinker.
  • Oh, Green Party. You wacky kids.
  • Never.Apologize.
  • WTF Missouri. AND going for Hawley in the primary. “Show me” how you progress away from freedom.
  • You know what is an enemy of corruption? Competition.
  • For the material scientists and the other geeks among us. Non-geek version here.
  • But how many people would admit to knowing SugarFree?

Have a great rest of your day! I’ll lift a glass in your general direction.