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Things change when you build a diorama, and now that I’m on my second one, I have learned that they ain’t the same. Scale aside, this one has pieces embedded. I usually would show you a bunch of tanks and guns on my table, ready to display. This time I have to place men as part of the piece, as it were, then place all my dynamic guys after, with the pieces set (the pieces are all the boats, tanks and things on the table).

I learned that D-Day occurred at low tide, so a nice bit of rip rap seemed to fit the bill.


And I wanted a mixed sand look, so we take 10 parts sand color to 1 part black cinder and it comes out like this:

A little more against the wall and we are done with the beach sand element of the project.


Defenses: Trying to finalize the primary defenses is easy enough, some barbed wire and the dragon’s teeth, some boat preventers and we are looking good so far, but there are a few details yet to come in that regard.


Army Men: I’m reaching saturation on the board. Have 221 men to paint, and with all the effects it’s going to get busy.

They need 7 colors, and we paint the base, then bas relief the rest of them. In 1/35 I could paint masses of one color, for example, all the boots on one sprue tree, all the Kbars on another, and guns on a third, all in one pass. At 1/72 scale I get about 3 to 6 parts done before my eyes bug out, so it kinda sucks for production, but we carry on.

These are the guys I need to finish now, everyone else can wait.

Someone asked about tools. I have my main tools and supplies packed for the AZ move, so everything had to be bought from scratch on this project, and it looks like this:

I am using acrylics as much as possible, and Hobby Lobby has a great selection, very cheap. All the scenery elements like the clump foliage used in the ‘splosions, the water, sand, etc. are Woodland Scenics. Dollar Tree supplies my white glue, toothpicks, foam board, rip rap, stir sticks and painters blue tape. I’ll show you how I do some cool things in a future post.

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P.S. I’m cutting this episode short because a lot of things are happening, and I don’t want to get confused. Cheers!