It has been a long week. A long week of nothing but Brett Kavanaugh news. Having told my news feed I didn’t want any stories tagged “Kavanaugh” twice, it started floating stories about “Supreme Court” “Law” “Dr. Ford” all of which got banned 1-2 times. Eventually it just started floating 6+ stories a day tagged “TRENDING” and occasionally “Anita Hill” which got my phone put in airplane mode for the past two days.

Now that I’m avoiding news. I’m trying my best to fill my online time with pictures of Hemsworth brothers shirtless, but even the celeb gossip rags have nothing for me because they’re all talking about people I’ve never heard of or have purposefully forgotten. Except for dear, sweet Gwyneth Paltrow who is getting married to someone I’ve never heard of after being badly abused by the CA government for misleading consumers with vaginal rejuvenation eggs. Luckily she takes everything in stride.

And just to convey my disdain for this week more completely: a musical number