Not like Suthern though, obviously. To afford that kind of woodland up here would require a couple of order of magnitude more scratch than I have.

Trees. I has them.

I seemed to have lost a few days.  I’m assuming that sweating out my own body weight twice daily by moving house in 95 degree weather with humidity imported from the Gulf Coast then crashing on the floor because you can’t make the effort to unpack the bed and waking up at dawn because of your glorious new 5′ x 5’9″ windows that don’t have blinds yet and repeating the day over again might have something to do with that.  On the other hand, when the dew point gets over 85, it does provide a really nice demonstration of the efficacy of modern multi-paned windows as the condensation only was on the outside of the outer pane.

Digital cameras seem to have trouble with blue. The actual color is darker.

The floor upon which I slept. On the wall to the left, I’ve put a 3’x 4′ mirror to make it even more sunlighty

It's a maple.

Mirror is on that space on the left. Also, Tree.

But seriously though, fuck this weather.  I expected this bullshit when I lived in Houston but I thought the exorbitant real estate prices were supposed to be offset by having better weather.

You may wonder why I wasn’t prepared for this weather, what with my ability to read the stars and all.  The answer is simple: celestial objects have no bearing on the weather.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the IPCC.  The rest of my predictions from last week’s reading came true, with the exception of the pest control thing.

For this week, there are some interesting things, generally positive.  There is a really complicated construction based around the Earth-Venus-Jupiter alignment that has solidified from last week.  This backbone is a really good thing, but we have two oppositional axes forming against it.  The first is Mercury in opposition through Venus.  So we’ve got disruptive events having to do with your love life.  If your SO is suddenly increasing the amount and variety of the snu-snu they’re giving you, it’s because they’re compensating for having taken on a side-piece.  Sorry about that.  Or enjoy it while it lasts.  You do you.  The other oppositional axis is drawn between the new moon and Mars.  This is the kind of thing that results in Dear John letters and/or your newborn resembling a serviceman who was NOT out on deployment at the same time you were.

The sun is in Virgo.  This has splashover results for the rest of us in focus and resistance to peer pressure.  But for us non-virgins, that effect is negated this week as we have two change-lights (Mercury and the Moon) conjoined in that sign.  If Virgo is your birth sign however, you will have particular success in overcoming disruptions.

I really need to learn how to take care of Maple trees.

The sun is also in my east-facing breakfast nook. Also, another maple.

Venus remains in Virgo for another week, so if you are benefiting/suffering from guilt-induced turbosex, your relationship will hold together, at least for this week.

I have such fond memories of kitchen counters, I"ll need to break these in.

Home cookin’

We (still) have the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn.  Wars destroy resources.  In other news, water is wet.  And Jupiter is still in Scorpio, but because of that Venus alignment, we should expect the beneficent aspects of that sign: good sex, particularly good sex in the context of formal/official relationships (due to the rulership/governmental aspect of Jupiter).

All glibs are welcome to stay at my new home!  Just fill out the visitation application (including the non-refundable application fee) and once we’ve run the credit check and settled on the damage insurance and liability waivers, I’ll see about scheduling your visit.