Hey hey Glibbys.

Popping in to give you some quick links because it looks like Sloopy is still, uh….indisposed…as OMWC so generously shared yesterday morning.

First up, this blasted hurricane. I have cousins down south who are going to be getting hammered. And they also have to deal with the hurricane. It’s a big motherfucker.

Apple is getting ready for its annual device release, and looks like this might mean lower prices.

Football season is back. For those of you who care, here’s how all the teams got their names.

Scientists (ahem…some scientists) are trying to return Pluto to its former glory.

The Baldwin Effect, which is some sciencey thing, has something to do with the adaptability of lizards.

And continuing the busy week in science, some new sea creatures have been discovered.

Georgia wants to beat the shit out of your children.

The border between Ethiopia and Eritrea is reopening after 20 years.

The Atlantic thinks NASA shouldn’t be putting logos all over its stuff.

A collision in Phoenix resulted in dozens of beer kegs spilling out along the highway.

And your boozey link: craft beers inspired by cocktails.

Today is a great day to do a little dancing, so I leave you with…