As the number of Glibs writing for the community happily continues to grow, I thought it would be nice to give you all a little extra recognition. Because, hey, let’s be honest: that’s really all you get here. 😉

To that end, I’ve done a couple things. First, if you have written even one article for the community, I’ve upgraded you to Contributor. That’s why your dashboard might look a little different when you login to the site.

Along with giving you the ability to draft your own future articles–after we give the go-ahead in reply to your proposed article submission form, this also means that your byline and author bio will show on your posts.

Please be aware that there are currently 2,339 published articles on Glibertarians. I went through them all one by one tonight and tried to make sure I edited them to show your byline and author bio. Going forward this will automatically happen, but I wanted your previous articles to be included.

Because…I’ve also created a Contributing Writers page for the site, which is linked from the About Us page up top, and is also in the footer navigation.



As you can see from this screenshot, the page shows the writer’s avatar, username, bio, and number of posts. The post number button will take a viewer to an index of all the articles by that writer.

I tried to hit all the posts of current Glibs, but if I inadvertently missed your post among the 2,339, please drop me a note through the website contact form and I’ll correct the oversight.

Conversely, if for whatever reason you DO NOT want to be included on the Contributing Writers page, let me know that as well and I will remove your listing.

Since you will now be able to draft your posts, I’m putting together an information page with guidelines on how to turn off the sidebar (etc) and how to let the editors know it’s ready to be reviewed and scheduled. We’ll include a link to that info when we reply to your submission form. No worries, however, if you can’t draft your own posts. We’re here to help!

Again, sincere thanks from all of the Founders for generous sharing of your interests, thoughts, passions and knowledge. The Glibertariat make the community what it is. We truly would not still be here without all of you.


Moving on. A couple weeks ago I added a Downloads page to the site, linked up top and in the footer menu. At the moment this includes Hatcher’s Notebook recommended by Suthenboy, and Defense Distributed’s free plans. I imagine there will be other resources added in the future.

I’m off to catch a couple hours sleep. Have a great day!