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Need a piece of clothing guaranteed to scare the kids at Halloween, piss off your family at Thanksgiving, or to gift the people you hate over the holidays?


We’ve got Hat & Hair products

We’ve got STEVE SMITH products

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And look. We had our quarterly board meeting the other night. We’re not operating on a hookers and blow budget. We’re not operating on a meth and lot bunnies budget. We’re operating on a suck your dick under the highway overpass for spare change budget. Every product you buy is one less dick we have to suck to keep this place running.

All joking aside, we’ll always find a way to keep the lights on here, but if you’ve enjoyed something, this is one way to show the love. And generate new Tulpas. And be recognized by other closet glibertarians if you live in the Minnesota/North Dakota or LA area.

As a reminder, it is the policy of the board who operates this website donates any money above what is needed to operate the site for a prudent amount of time (I think six months, but I forgot to check) to a worthy charity each year. Last year it was Institute for Justice and FIRE who got our money. We will run some options by you right after Thanksgiving to make donations for next year. So there’s another reason to buy swag.

UPDATE: This page will remain up until 3:20 CDT so the afternoon links participants can all see our pitiful begging at the top of the page. After that, there will be… LINKS!