In sports, I guess the WNBA season ended? ESPN put it front and center so… congrats to the Seattle(?) Storm. In beisbol, A’s pound the Orioles for 6 straight victories, Mets, Nats, Sawx East get their 100th win, Brewers, Twins, Rockies, Doyers, Rays, Pirates, Braves, Padres, Sawx West, and Los Anaheim all won, as did the World Champion Houston Astros. Goddamn A’s, Houston is 10-1 in September and can’t shake the fucking A’s. But the schedule favors the ‘Stros, whose last 10 games are series with the Angels, Blue Jays, and close with 4 against Baltimore. Speaking of Bal’mer, they take on the Cincinatti Bengals tonight. Gooo, Flaccos!

Born today, some dude named Milton Hershey and some doc named Walter Reed. Bill Monroe, father of bluegrass; Mel Torme and Roald Dahl.

Also, on this date five years ago, under the watchful eyes of our families and her daddy’s shotgun, my wife and I were married in her back yard with her being a wee bit pregnant. Afterwards we had a nice lunch at our favorite asian place in Tallahassee and went off to stay at one of the Disney properties for a long weekend. She still has not strangled me for being a jerk, or stabbed me for being an idiot. I definitely married up, so I think I’ll keep her another year. Enough of this sentimental shit and now…. the links!

Jeebus, New Mexico, get your shit together. I’m not saying its aliens, but… its aliens.

Some asshole in Bakersfield went on a murder spree before killing himself. From the pattern, it appears that he believed his wife might have been stepping out. Not a good reason for killing people, by the way.

New York’s Finest still the biggest, baddest, gang in the Big Apple.

Holy shit, can you imagine if your son fell out a tree-house, stood up and had a fucking meat skewer through is face to the handle? Glad he survived and will make a full recovery.

And by the way, this stall pattern is what fucked up East Texas so bad last year. Don’t pay attention to the Category rating, 40 inches of rain will fuck things up. Less wind is good, but Florence isn’t nothing.


I’ll put up one of my wife’s favorites. When she wants me to watch this song on her phone, I know its time to put down the booze and head to bed. Love ya, babe!