You know what’s really awesome? When you work almost entirely in the “Microsoft cloud” and the entire cloud login service is down in the morning, you, uh, “catch up on documentation”. To give them their propers, it was only down for an hour and a half. Other than that, shitty football weekend, great times with the kids. How the hell are you? Aside from Yusef. Sorry about your job, bud. Good luck on the hunt!

I’m sorry, Bob Woodward might have once been a respected journalist, but I want to hear the tapes or see the transcripts on these too good to check quotes.

  • Chief of Staff John F. Kelly once said of Trump during a small meeting: “He’s an idiot. It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything. He’s gone off the rails. We’re in Crazytown. I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.”  What the fuck is you CoS doing with a job after this?
  • Senior officials have taken to stealing stuff from Trump’s desk so that he doesn’t see it. AYFKM? Sack the fuck up and tell your boss not to sign something. What are you, 10? Stealing the report cards

All you Glibs between Destin and Lake Charles, stay safe! If in doubt, leave!

Here’s a feature-length article about how “technology favors tyranny” Ctrl-F reveals no mention of the words “Cody” or “Defense”. Here’s the thing — when these complicated algorithms no longer effectively produce the result set that people are trying to find — say “people who won’t default on the money I lend them”, as long as there is a relatively free market and fair legal system, someone else will start lending money to the set of people who aren’t in that algorithm that ALSO won’t default on their loans. Its just a fucking tool. Its like saying that because only church records were written down in certain places in Medieval Europe there was no complex secular law or record keeping. Demonstrably false. Don’t confuse the tool with the outcome.

This is a little rah-rah, but I’m in favor. High school holds “signing day” for seniors who have jobs in the trades waiting for them upon graduation. Show students you value what is important.

Rahm Emanuel is not seeking re-election next year. Maybe after some of those cash bribe stories started circulating, he realized things had changed.

Fuckin’ Fredocons. Republicans consider abandoning 2nd phase of tax cuts after SALT backlash. Guys, the whole fucking point — THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT — of capping the SALT exemption was to put pressure on high-tax states and localities to consider how their taxes might be a part of the overall burden.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get this bad on the Gulf Coast this time.