Well, well, well, here we are on hump day and I’m not dead yet. Speaking of not dead yet, if you live on the Carolina coast, or inland from there prone to flooding, get the fuck out. Its going to be nasty by tomorrow morning. You’ll be waiting for the Cajun Navy to pick your ass up, with no power, hoping rapesquatches stay in their caves during floods.

FIrst of all, go read SF’s latest Hat & Hair if you haven’t yet.

It’s good to see Microsoft go back to their asshole roots. Bruh, Edge sucks. I mean, Chrome and Firefox also manage to suck almost as bad, but not quite.

Health officials warn of “chaos” if federal judge suspends the ACA. I got a semi just reading the headline.

There’s even hope for the Walter Pecks of the world now that man born without penis (XY sex chromomes) has member crafted from scratch.

Aww, sweetheart. Your soy-boy who was so big into affirmative consent was only using it to talk you into a one night stand? How sad. PUAs take note.

Chicago wants to get into the, uh, selective basic income subsidy* game.

*Several here have noted that all “universal basic income” programs have been neither universal nor enough to actually be a basic income substitute