Before Rufus gets a chance to ask the question: yes, some of us DO work. One of those people is apparently Brett. I guess getting loaded on cocaine and blowing strangers is just for fun. In his absence, I’ll be providing links. If someone posted something earlier, I apologize. I haven’t been paying attention.

  • Cody Wilson’s no good, very bad day. I want to believe this guy has been caught up in a plot to “neutralize” him, but he seems to have set served himself up on a silver platter by signing up for a site called SugarDaddyMeet, exchanging nudes with a minor (article says the girl was *under* 17 the age of consent in Texas [you’re welcome for keeping you off a list by looking it up for you]), and then hiring her for sex. The bragging about being “a big deal” may not have been helpful either.
  • I’m sure all of you nerds have already seen that Linus Torvalds–father of Linux–is taking a breather so that he can think about not being a dick to a group of people volunteering their time. In the wake of this there’s now a code of conduct, which has of course been immediately decried as the SJWification of the Linux kernel. I’m currently fantasizing about Buddhist monastic life.
  • Normally, this story would have me glancing at the headline and moving on, but how can I resist linking to a story with the phrase “rape by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance”. The surgeon in question is relatively pretty, and I can guarantee his near future will include rigorous training on the value of consent.
  • I assume this is just fake news meant to fluff The Meg, but it’s still neat. “the males would each travel in a V-shape pattern as many as 140 times a day. It’s unclear if the behavior is related to mating or if they are hunting for different species of fish.”
  • Speaking of unfortunate interactions between adults and minors, Mr. Michael Aliperti threatened to shoot an 11 year old who beat him at Fortnight and got arrested for it. Mr. Aliperti should fix a cup of chamomile and take a long hard look at where life has taken him.

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