Good evening, my dear Glibs.

We’ve been super busy here at Chez OMWC/SP. As OMWC mentioned, we have a dear friend, [REDACTED], making his annual visit from Europe, and I’ve just had a final project due for my pharmacology course, along with taking the final exam yesterday. I did have to miss the family reunion that was also scheduled for this weekend in Western PA. Bi-location fail!

But tomorrow, much fun will ensue. OMWC and [REDACTED] and I will be meeting up with Swiss and three of his dearest friends for brunch. Don’t you wish you lived near us? (Stay alert for a Go Fund Me appeal for bail money.)

Anyway! You didn’t come here to read about my life. You want to know what’s happening on the site next week. And, of course, you want your Saturday Night Open Post.

We have much more great content coming up than some of you deserve. Of course, we have the standard linkages from OMWC, Sloopy, Brett L, and possibly others who might be pressed into service as the need arises. I suspect the giant floating stone head and that forest lawyer fellow might put in an appearance.

Tomorrow we have Not Adahn’s weekly GlibCast (look out!), then we segue into CPRM’s latest animated Hat & Hair episode. (Not to embarrass CPRM, but, if you’ve got some spare change and you enjoy the animated H&H, please consider throwing some coins at him via PayPal. Send to: his handle at These take a considerable amount of time and effort on his part. Show some love. /fellow starving artist)

Next up, Swiss has sent an Afghan update for tomorrow evening. Monday, we have a very good question from BakedPenguin, OMWC explains why “fuck you, cut spending” won’t work for Illinois, and Web Dom has another tasty recipe.

Tuesday, Evan from Evansville takes us on a trip (not THAT kind), and Aus provides some cover tunes with which to sing along. Wednesday is pretty much owned by SugarFree, but we will have a respite in the middle provided by Mrs trshmnstr’s and trshmnstr’s weekly GlibFit wrap-up. Thursday, UnCivilServant gives us some advice, BakedPenguin likely predicts NFL Week 7 outcomes, and Yusef Drives a Kia out to the desert. Friday, Animal shares a visit to a shoot-y part of Massachusetts. Then, on Saturday sit back and relax with part two of mexican sharpshooter’s beer-and-book review. (Drinking and thinking at the same time…I dunno, that seems hard.)

The fun never stops here at!

And now…even MORE fun, with the Saturday Night Open Post. Have a great rest of your weekend!