Good morning, my dear Glibs. How are you all today? You know me and mornings, so while I pour more coffee, I’ll just say it is a delightfully criSP morning here, down in the low 50s to start the day. The mosquitoes are finally leaving me alone. What a relief!

Sloopy is off actually working (yes, it’s true Rufus!), so you get my typical links today. But they will be better than no links.


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On this day in history

1829: Chester A. Arthur was thrust upon the world. I was torn between history and birthdays for this listing. Looks like history won.

1947: Harry Truman ushered in the dark age of presidential media usage by making the first live televised speech from the White House. And this set a very bad precedent, which has led to Trump tweeting incessantly and all presidents being constantly seen on TV, even after they are out of office. (GO AWAY, OBAMA.)

1974: David Kunst finished a little stroll.

2011: Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc died.

Oh, Elon.

No shit. H/T OMWC


Check your doorstops.

Born on October 5

Louis Lumière (1864); Giorgio Abetti & Robert H. Goddard (1882); Larry Fine & Ray Kroc (1902); Bill Willis (1921); Bil Keane (1922); Steve Miller (1943); Brian Johnson (1947); “Fast” Eddie Clarke (1950); Bob Geldof (1951); Michael Andretti (1962); Mario Lemieux & Patrick Roy (1965); Kate Winslet (1975); Kevin Mirallas (1987)

Kids. What can you do?

Florida Boy: “Don’t tell the teacher.

One of those awkward conversations with teenagers. “Dad, what have you done?”

Royal Mail begs customers not to post criSP packets back to Walkers after campaigners urge people to return the bags in protest. Idiots. Social media could actually be used for good. I swear, it could.

Most of North Carolina usually doesn’t have the same criSP mornings we do in Chicagoland in early October.

We’ll have to ask our ex-pats in Japan if this is even remotely true: More Japanese workers are ditching criSP business suits?

Some manufacturers in Iceland are producing a new “festive” criSP for the holidays. I think I’ll pass.

And just because it fits my theme and I had forgotten how droll the man was: Quentin CriSP. Oh, and, his HAIR!

No, I have never used the secret ingredient in my fruit criSP topping. Yes, I am going to do so immediately.

(Or mornings, either.)

I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I’m going to have a great day. Right after I take a nap.