I needed a break from gray and black, so I took a cue from HM’s Taliban WG figures (way cool stuff) and went to the desert. After doing a scatter piece in desert motif, I was hooked.


Using a building I had done…


I made a template and built a 2 story, with balcony.


Then we go for the main board.


I used the same stepped rock style as the scatter piece, and built up the corner of the base, then used drywall mud to fill and texture the entire thing, like this.



Then we paint the entire base.


I’ll let you go through the gallery for the steps, but cactus!

War Gaming tables aren’t like dioramas, they are meant to be played on, so you lose a level of detail, but that’s fine, people have fun.


Here’s the finished project, 2’x2’. The wife wants more 2’x2′ pieces for the granddaughters to play princess type stuff, so that’s my next task, until then, here’s the finished table. Cheers!


Post Script: I will post the final Omaha Beach scene next.